Star Wars Rebels Review: “Legacy of Mandalore”

Star Wars Rebels Legacy of Mandalore

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Incorrectly, I assumed “Legacy of Mandalore” wouldn’t be able to emotionally match “Trials of the Darksaber,” but Wren family drama and a surprising ending (which makes sense once you recover) find a way to match, if not outshine the previous excellent episode. In “Legacy” and “Darksaber,” Star Wars Rebels has its best S3 episodes yet…if not the entire series. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Legacy of Mandalore””

Inferno Squad Hunts Rebels in New Christie Golden Novel

Inferno Squad

In what sounds like a name for a Star Wars villain-starring A-Team story, Inferno Squad is a newly announced novel set just after Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (thus during A New Hope) to be written by Christie Golden. Inferno Squad, who will hunt the remaining Partisans once led by Saw Gerrera, will heat up book shelves July 25, but until then check out the sparse initial details below and expect more news at Celebration Orlando 2017 in April. Continue reading “Inferno Squad Hunts Rebels in New Christie Golden Novel”

Canon Comic Review: Poe Dameron #11

Poe Dameron #11

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Poe Dameron #11 answers the question that’s been on every reader’s lips: who is the spy on Black Squadron? The motivations of the spy turn out to be the more interesting reveal in another fast-paced, fun-filled issue. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Poe Dameron #11”

Canon Comic Review: Doctor Aphra #4

Doctor Aphra #4

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Chelli and Papa Aphra, along with the murderbots and Krrsantan, make their escape of Yavin IV in the action packed Doctor Aphra #4, setting in motion events and confrontations for the final issues of the first arc. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Doctor Aphra #4”

Doctor Aphra and Star Wars Comics Star in Marvel’s The Screaming Citadel Crossover

The Screaming Citadel AnnouncementWhen I first saw the announcement, I thought it was a joke, as The Screaming Citadel sounds like something out of a campy horror B-movie. Thankfully it wasn’t though, as it sounds like Marvel’s next crossover (the first being Vader Down) looks to embrace the title’s tone and give us a gothic-horror story set in the Star Wars universe. Even better, it’s a crossover of the mainline Star Wars series with my absolute favorite comic character to date, Doctor Aphra! Check out some choice details below to find out what awaits you dear comic reader when the crossover begins this May. Continue reading “Doctor Aphra and Star Wars Comics Star in Marvel’s The Screaming Citadel Crossover”

Canon Comic Review: Darth Maul #1

Darth Maul #1

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The renewed focus on Darth Maul might have come a decade after his overly memorable introduction (and quick execution) in The Phantom Menace, but he’s proven himself to be a multi-dimensional character ever since, arguably the biggest reason for his continued existence to be worthwhile. While a lot of eyes might be focusing on the upcoming outcome of his big showdown with an old foe in season 3 of Star Wars Rebels, Marvel takes us back before it all started with the second Maul-led comic series, simply titled Darth Maul. In the end, neither issue #1’s portrayal of the younger, feral Maul nor its copious set-up make me want to recommend going out and buying this right away, though the potential for this series to be something more is hiding beneath the surface, just like the Sith themselves. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Darth Maul #1”

Canon Comic Review: Star Wars #28

Star Wars #28

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“Yoda’s Secret War,” continues in Star Wars issue #28, where his tale begins to ‘forcefully’ intertwine across time, we get to see more clearly into a different side of the great Jedi Master, and the mysteries in his adventure at least get a little more interesting. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Star Wars #28”

Rogue One Character Novels Expand Jyn, Chirrut, and Baze Backstories

Although previously revealed a few months ago, the two books have now been officially announced for release on May 2: Rebel Rising and Guardians of the Whills, which are set to fill in important backstories for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story characters. Rebel Rising, by Beth Revis, explores Jyn Erso’s time with Saw Gerrera before he abandons her, while Guardians of the Whills, by Greg Rucka, will follow Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus as they deal with the beginning of the Imperial occupation of Jedha. Check out the synopses, full covers, and links to excerpts below! Continue reading “Rogue One Character Novels Expand Jyn, Chirrut, and Baze Backstories”