The Curious Case of Governor Arihnda Pryce

The Curious Case of Governor Pryce

There’s more to being a Head Butler than tidying up the Manor, especially since those mynocks tend to make a mess of everything (well, anything with a power source that is), and occasionally even we members of the service caste get some free time. Thusly, one develops hobbies to bide the time between guests at the Manor, and mine has become being a detective…a detective of the growing Star Wars story. With “The Curious Case of…” series, I’ll show you what I’ve found…

I’m just excited as the next fan that Grand Admiral Thrawn is in canon now, set to appear in Star Wars Rebels‘ third season, but there’s someone I’m way more intrigued by at the moment, coming to the show in the same season: Lothal Governor Arihnda Pyrce. As I mentioned in my review of the Rebels‘ season three premiere, “Steps into Shadow,” I didn’t find Thrawn as interesting as Pyrce because he’s a known entity, in that anyone who has read the Thrawn Trilogy has a good idea what to expect out of him: studying his opponent’s art to find their weaknesses, a brilliant 5-steps ahead of you strategy that will make any chess player jealous, etc. But Governor Pyrce has pretty much been a non-entity in the show and suddenly in her first appearance not only is shown as practically an equal to Grand Moff Tarkin but she’s standing right by Thrawn’s side after she demanded he be brought in. How did she go from a character barely mentioned in season one, rarely in season two, to hanging out with the two most recognizable Imperial’s who have names that start with “T?” After some careful research, I’ve uncovered ewok crumbs leading straight to the answer thanks to the forward-thinking work of the Lucasfilm Story Group. Be curious no more about Governor Arihnda Pyrce, as Detective Mynock is on the case… Continue reading

Dream or Force Vision: A Crazy Night’s Thoughts on Star Wars: Episode VIII

Dream or Force Vision A Crazy Night's Thoughts on Star Wars Episode VIII

It’s not very often I have Force visions (see: never), but I just recently had a dream that I could easily mistake for one. This dream, despite all the Rogue One news and trailer dropping or all the hours I’ve sunk into No Man’s Sky on PS4, was about the ending to Episode VIII. In the interest of posterity, and just seeing if maybe somehow this dream was actually a prophetic Force vision of the future, I wrote it all down so when the next saga film releases in December 2017, I could compare. I’ve decided I’ll share that dream with you all as well, but please note: This is not a theory or based on any spoilers, as I’ve not read any spoilers (if there are any), I was there for the Future Filmmakers panel at Celebration Europe 2016 but that didn’t reveal much besides a great list of old movies to study (which I’ve only seen two of them), and I’ve only seen some of those behind-the-scenes pics of filming at Dubrovnik and various parts of Ireland; Other than all that, I know as much about Ep. VIII as a wampa in a cave on Hoth. This is just for fun and simply nothing more. Heck, the whole dream was in LEGO, if it being a dream wasn’t enough to tell you how seriously you should take this. With all that in mind, please enjoy. Continue reading

Rogue One’s Second Trailer Showcases Cast, Sweeping Visuals, and Teases Vader (UPDATED)

After a marathon session of waiting through the Olympics, the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer is finally here! Giving time to all of the main cast and introducing the movie’s jaw-dropping visual palette, the latest trailer doesn’t reveal much beyond what we’ve already learned, but it certainly sells what you should be expecting. Read on for some impressions and new details dropped by Entertainment Weekly this week. UPDATE: There’s now an international trailer below, with a few new shots and a revealing new line… Continue reading

Canon Comic Review: Darth Vader #24

Darth Vader #24

Spoiler Review –

There’s no mincing words here: Darth Vader #24 is a stunning penultimate issue, delivering an unprecedented psychological deep-dive into one of fiction’s greatest villains and setting the stage for what can only be a suitably epic finale. After everything Kieron Gillen, Salvador Larroca, and Edgar Delgado have done together, it shouldn’t have been a surprise issue #24 would’ve been this good, but they seem to have a habit of outdoing themselves. Continue reading

Premiere of Star Wars Rebels Season Three Airs September 24

Wondering when you’ll get to see the repercussions of the crew’s trip to Malachor in the Star Wars Rebels season two finale, “Twilight of the Apprentice?” How the show will handle Grand Admiral Thrawn? Who or what is this new Bendu character? You’ll not have to wonder much longer, as Disney XD will be airing “Steps into Shadow,” the third season’s premiere episode, on Saturday, September 24 (7:30 p.m. CT). There’s no word on when the season proper will air afterwards, but expect an announcement closer to the S3 premiere date. In the meantime, we have some S3 coverage on the site already, as I was at Celebration Europe 2016 when they premiered “Steps” and had a revealing panel. You can read my non-spoiler and spoiler filled review of “Steps into Shadow,” where I found Thrawn to be a minor moment in an otherwise character focused hour that wasn’t without its flaws, while you can learn more about Bendu, Thrawn and his upcoming novel, Sabine’s increased role, and Wedge in my impressions of the jam packed panel. Continue reading

Video Game Review: Trials on Tatooine (ILMxLAB VR Experience)

Trials on Tatooine Banner

I was joking before going to Celebration Europe 2016 that if the only thing I did there was ILMxLAB’s Virtual Reality Experience, Trials on Tatooine, I’d be perfectly content. On the convention’s final day I got my chance to play and I kid you not, over Thrawn’s introduction in Star Wars Rebels or the new Rogue One footage, Trials on Tatooine will forever be my top moment from SWCE 2016. Not only was it an wholly immersive VR experience, as it felt like my childhood imaginations came to (virtual) life, it also helped sell me on VR technology and its potential.  Continue reading

Canon Novel Review: Aftermath: Life Debt

Aftermath Life Debt

Spoiler Review –

Aftermath: Life Debt, written by Chuck Wendig, is the middle piece of his Aftermath Trilogy. Life Debt‘s ability to give purpose to the first book’s randomness, provide the original characters more room to shine, deepening and answering several mysteries, and written with what seems like a less chaotic style (I quite like Wendig’s style either way) help make it better than its predecessor. Being the middle book has its drawbacks though, but the exciting set up for the coming finale prevents any of those drawbacks from truly affecting enjoyment of the novel. Continue reading

It’s a Wrap: Celebration Europe 2016 News Roundup – Han Solo Casting, Ep. VIII Teases, Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel Author Revealed, Battlefront DLC

Welcome SignsWhile I’ve written up a few articles already for what I managed to see at Celebration Europe 2016 mid-July, but I’m not going to be able to cover all of what I did and didn’t see in as much detail as normal. However, this article will cover the best of the rest in regards to news and reveals you might have missed (and I didn’t make a separate article for), including the very unsurprising reveal of the young Han Solo actor, some teases from Rian Johnson regarding Ep. VIII, author reveals for upcoming Rogue One related novels, new Battlefront DLC bringing space battles and Rogue One content this year, and more! Continue reading

Canon Comic Review: The Force Awakens #1-2

Chris' The Force Awakens Comic Review #1=2

For a lot of people, The Force Awakens was a shot of fun and energy into the arm of Star Wars fandom, reinvigorating a love for the franchise with fresh new faces we’ve come to adore, the promise of new adventures, and the chance to revisit some familiar faces. Even the non-Star Wars world was charmed by the film, taking in about 2 billion in the box office. Interestingly enough, when Marvel announced a The Force Awakens comic adaptation, most of the response was lukewarm. Does the series deserve the lukewarm response?

Continue reading