Canon Comic Review: Doctor Aphra #6

Doctor Aphra #6

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Doctor Aphra #6 is so quintessentially Aphra, and such a damn solid issue for the first arc’s finale, I’m still laughing, geeking out, and smiling through every page. Taking Aphra and giving her her own book has certainly paid off, as the latest issue is its greatest yet as well as one of Star Wars comics best issues to date. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Doctor Aphra #6”

It’s a Wrap: Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Final News Roundup – Remembering Carrie, Star Wars Land Features, and So Much More!

Even with all the posts I’ve put together from my time at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017, there’s still plenty of news and happenings to cover so I’ve put it all here in this megapost of the best of the rest. We’ll be covering the beautiful remembrances for Carrie Fisher (which still gets me in tears just thinking about it), the immersive nature of the upcoming Star Wars Land, VR experiences for children in the hospital, and even some Hasbro news. Continue reading “It’s a Wrap: Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 Final News Roundup – Remembering Carrie, Star Wars Land Features, and So Much More!”

Cosplay Gallery and Celebrity Sightings (SWCO 2017)

While this year I was seemingly focused on finding any and all Doctor Aphra cosplay, the record setting attendance numbers meant there was a Wookiee-load (quite literally) of amazing cosplay. Check out my gallery for cosplayers (there’s a Captain Phasma one that’s so damn good I would’ve guessed Gwendoline Chrisite had been in the suit had I not watched someone put her helmet on) and one or two big celebrity run ins, plus I have links to some other great happenings with cosplay at the con as well as the entire cosplay competition from the show that’s also well-worth a watch! Continue reading “Cosplay Gallery and Celebrity Sightings (SWCO 2017)”

Canon Comic Review: Poe Dameron #13

Poe Dameron #13

– Spoiler Review –

Was there ever any doubt Charles Soule and Phil Noto could deliver a fantastic finale to Marvel’s most action-packed and adventurous series? Poe Dameron #13 not only wraps up its longest arc to date, “The Gathering Storm,” but it also deals with several story threads that have been around since the beginning, making this a well-rounded, action-packed, and even emotional finale for its first leg. Oh, and a certain homicidal droid named Mister Bones makes a scene-stealing appearance…what more could you ask for? Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Poe Dameron #13”

Rancho Obi-Wan Experience Visit (SWCO 2017)

I’ve still yet to make my journey to the Star Wars collecting mecca known as Rancho Obi-Wan, but I was happy to get my chance (much like I did two years ago at Celebration Anaheim 2015) to check out just a small taste of what the non-profit museum has to offer while at Celebration Orlando 2017! While at SWCA there were simply more items, there was more focus to the collections brought this time around, as they set up tributes to both Carrie Fisher and Kenny Baker and also revealed the dream bedroom of Star Wars memorabilia. Photos of these fantastic collections within! Continue reading “Rancho Obi-Wan Experience Visit (SWCO 2017)”

Heroines of Star Wars Panel Impressions (SWCO 2017)

Heroines of Star Wars Panel 6 Rey and ReyOne of my favorite panels from Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 was “Heroines of Star Wars,” as it focused on some of the best characters (which have been many of the ladies these past few years), hammered home the franchise’s commitment to inclusion and gender parity, had great panelists like Ashley Ecktsein, Tiya Sircar, Dave Filoni, and a surprise appearance by Daisy Ridley (!), and we were even treated to one of the Forces of Destiny shorts. Details within! Continue reading “Heroines of Star Wars Panel Impressions (SWCO 2017)”

Battlefront II Panel Impressions: Singleplayer Focus with Inferno Squad Novel Tie-in and Multiplayer Rebooted (SWCO 2017)

The first details about the upcoming Battlefront II, set to release 11/17/17, were officially unveiled at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017. To create this massive sequel, not only will EA DICE be returning, but they’ll have a little help from Motive and Criterion, and by the time the panel was over it was very clear Battlefront II would be a massive upgrade from EA’s first entry in their reboot of the franchise. The biggest thing of course is the singleplayer campaign included with this game, which doesn’t look like an afterthought at all, while the multiplayer is bringing back classes and upgrades at a scale fans have been asking for. While I looked forward to the first Battlefront with tepid anticipation, and I’m withholding my true excitement until we see some gameplay footage, but everything I’ve heard so far makes this sound like a Battlefront game I can’t wait to play. Continue reading “Battlefront II Panel Impressions: Singleplayer Focus with Inferno Squad Novel Tie-in and Multiplayer Rebooted (SWCO 2017)”

Marvel Star Wars Panel Impressions (SWCO 2017)

Considering the news of the Captain Phasma miniseries droppeThe Screaming Citadel Coversd in a different panel, Marvel’s panel was light on news but showed off some interior art for some upcoming issues and there were fun chats with creatives and editors alike. The most interesting thing to come out of the panel is that us in attendance might of sort of convinced the Marvel powers that be to make an Ahsoka series? Details below!

Panelists: Jordan D. White (Editor), Heather Antos (Supervising Editor), Charles Soule (Lando, Obi-Wan & Anakin, Poe Dameron), Phil Noto (Poe Dameron, Chewbacca), Matt Martin (Lucasfilm Story Group), and John Tyler Christopher (action figure cover variants). Continue reading “Marvel Star Wars Panel Impressions (SWCO 2017)”

Star Wars University: LGBTQ+ in a Galaxy Far, Far Away and Chuck Wendig Writer Seminar (SWCO 2017)

At Celebration Orlando 2017, there were a new breed of panels on what was dubbed the University stage and each one had an eye on educating fans about a great many deal of different topics, whether it be how to write novels/comics or how inclusion and representation matters/still needs to be improved. I didn’t go to as many as I would’ve liked, but the two that I did were particularly interesting and sometimes eye-opening. I first saw Chuck Wendig’s class on writing characters in novels and shortly after saw the LGBTQ+ panel, where they connected in certain ways due to Wendig’s inclusive-minded writing and how most of the representation added to canon since Disney took over is something to be happy about, but could certainly be more and it all starts with characters. Continue reading “Star Wars University: LGBTQ+ in a Galaxy Far, Far Away and Chuck Wendig Writer Seminar (SWCO 2017)”

Star Wars Rebels Final Season Panel and Trailer Impressions (SWCO 2017)

The rumors have been swirling for awhile and I had my hopes there’d at least be a season 5 of Star Wars Rebels, but the packed and philosophical Rebels panel at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 revealed the upcoming season 4 would be the series’ last. From Filoni’s heartfelt goodbye to the show, his promise of something darker and unexpected from the final season, a haunting trailer, and a premiere episode that’ll end with your tears, Rebels season 4 looks to hurdle us through its final hours in its biggest season yet. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Final Season Panel and Trailer Impressions (SWCO 2017)”