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Agent Carter

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Our friendly psychiatrist takes an unexpected turn, Agent Sousa follows up on his discovery regarding Peggy, and Jarvis and Peggy get into all sorts of hilarious trouble. “A Sin to Err” was a laugh, adventure, and surprise-filled hour of pure goodness, solidifying Agent Carter as a must-see show.

Agent CarterWith the opening flashback showing Dottie and the psychiatrist Dr. Ivchenko knew each other, if only in passing when he was forced to join Leviathan, I was excited for him to possibly run into her and reveal Dottie’s secret. As she had the doctor in her sniper sights later in the episode, I was wondering why she wasn’t taking the shot, only for her to start exchanging Morse code messages with him. I was definitely not expecting this twist, as Ivchenko’s actor Ralph Brown had convinced me on the humble psychiatrist act, and it was a welcomed surprise. Ivchenko’s hypnotic ring complements his observational ability and while Dooley was saved from it by Sousa’s interruptions, Agent Yauch wasn’t so lucky. After having him spill a whole lot of SSR secrets, at least Ivchenko let Yauch have a nice drink before making him kill himself.

Agent Carter“A Sin to Err” starts innocently enough, with the spitfire Peggy getting permission from Dooley to follow-up on her hunches Leviathan used their proto-Black Widow program to take advantage of Howard Stark’s biggest weakness: dames. This allows Jarvis and Peggy to spend some time together again, which I didn’t realize I missed so much until their scenes here. Once they acquired the list of women Stark has given out diamond bracelets to after breaking up with them, Peggy insists they must investigate nearly all of them to look for signs of scars on their wrists for having always slept with handcuffs on. The following scenes, with Jarvis nervous to meet the women he broke up with on Stark’s behalf, are hilariously priceless. I’ve laughed numerous times in each of Agent Carter‘s episodes, but none more than “Err,” and it’s thanks mostly to Jarvis, Peggy, and even Angie for a bit towards the end.

Agent CarterSousa acts on his evidence regarding Peggy and the SSR starts to hunt her down. In a short, but well choreographed fight (set to a tune you’d not normally associate with fighting but works wonderfully here) inside the diner, Peggy finds herself on the run from her co-workers. While the smart thing for Peggy to do would flee right away, she can’t bring herself to leave without Steve Rodger’s blood. Of course the SSR are there almost immediately, barging in and disrupting Mrs. Fry’s coveted rules. With Peggy out on a limb, Angie steps up and saves her friend by putting her acting work to good use. Sousa and Thompson have no idea how to calm a crying woman, are uncomfortable with the situation and promptly leave. Angie even sets Peggy up with a car afterwards, solidifying herself as the best best friend ever.

Unfortunately, Dottie messes things up and nearly gets to carry out her new objective given to her by Ivchenko: kill Peggy. But luckily the SSR are patrolling the hallways and by arresting Peggy, they save her life. Now she faces interrogation at the hands of Thompson, Sousa, and Dooley while her biggest lead Dottie has already vanished. I’m still holding out hope they get to fight before the season is through.

Here are a few other things (and some top quotes I couldn’t help but mention):

  • “Would you look at that, you really can keep your mouth shut if you try,” Dooley to Peggy after giving her the go-ahead to follow up on her hunch.
  • “She’s a cute broad…when she’s not punching me in the face,” Sheldon to Sousa after identifying Peggy.
  • “You should’ve seen her eyes when I escorted her from Mr. Stark’s villa: the darkest gates to the abyss,” Jarvis about Ginger Rogers.
  • Jarvis being frightened by the chubby kid was another funny scene.
  • If you pay attention to the first gif in this set of Jarvis ones on Tumblr, you can see Hayley Atwell reacting to James D’Arcy being slapped before he actually gets slapped. Her reaction both times is great.
  • For everyone wondering about more info on the Battle of Finow, it looks like we’ll have to wait another week.
  • Even though Ivchenko is a bad guy, his reasoning for the Russian’s training women instead of men are solid. And Peggy proves his point when she takes down the SSR men sent to capture her and no one can believe it right away.

Agent Carter

It was only a matter of time before the SSR would be after Peggy, but before it happened we were at least treated to one more great team up between her and Jarvis. “A Sin to Err” starting picking up the pace again after “The Iron Ceiling” slowed things down a little to shuffle some pieces on the board, now pushing us towards the season finale without letting anyone take a break.

+ Peggy and Jarvis together again

+ Ivchenko’s twist

+ Angie’s big save

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