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Legendary Adventures: Cloak of Deception

Legendary Adventures #16 Cloak of Deception

The Phantom Menace‘s beginning was, suffice it to say, less than ideal. The whole concept of the movie was that a disastrous trade dispute had turned into open hostility between a planet and the Trade Federation. Hardly any background information on the trade dispute was given, leaving most confused about the core of the conflict and what it meant for any of the characters. This is where Legends stepped in: not only did it fill it in the gaps, but Legends authors came together to weave a grand narrative out of this, spinning, eventually, into Palpatine’s overt bid for control of the galaxy. Click through to see how Cloak of Deception played a major role in the story!

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Movie Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (By Chris)

Star Wars Ep VIII The Last Jedi Review


I don’t think I’ve ever met a Star Wars film I don’t like. That being said, I don’t know if I’ve ever walked out of a Star Wars film more torn asunder. The Last Jedi is not satisfied to give you a simple movie experience. Rather, the movie gives you meat to chew on for weeks and months to come; most viewers shouldn’t be able to come to an easy decision on the movie quickly. Read on to see how I wrestled with the film. (Be warned: I do not separate spoilers as Ryan did in his review!) Continue reading “Movie Review: Star Wars: The Last Jedi (By Chris)”

Canon Young Readers Review: Forces of Destiny: Daring Adventures (Volume 2)

Forces of Destiny - Daring Adventures Volume 2

Possibly slipping through the cracks in the excitement between quite a bit of material released under the Journey to The Last Jedi banner, Forces of Destiny: Daring Adventures vol 2 reintroduces us to Ahsoka, Leia, and Jyn Erso in three fun adventures! Are they worth revisiting?

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Legendary Adventures: Maul: Lockdown

Legendary Adventures #15 Maul - Lockdown

Maul: Lockdown was one of the last books released in the Legends canon, released only months before the Legends announcement was made. As such, it flew under my radar, between school and the announcement, and I had only heard of it recently as I was going through the Adventures. Is it worth tracking down? Your mileage may vary.

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Legendary Adventures: Darth Plagueis

Legendary Adventures #14 Darth Plagueis

The Muun, the myth, the Legend, but not the Supreme Leader. Darth Plagueis is known for a great many things, but leading the First Order is not one of them. I encounter of the most enigmatic figures in Legends history in the first step into the Prequel Trilogy realm of Star Wars Legends!

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Canon Young Reader Review: Forces of Destiny: Tales of Hope & Courage

Forces of Destiny - Tales of Hope and Courage

October was a great month for Forces of Destiny. Disney XD aired two animated specials, each featuring four new shorts alongside four old shorts at the beginning and end of the month. Forces of Destiny: Daring Adventures vol 2, focusing on Ahsoka, Leia, and Jyn Erso debuted the same day as From a Certain Point of View. Finally, after a one week delay, Forces of Destiny: Tales of Hope & Courage was released. Feeling a bit overwhelmed yet?

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Legendary Adventures: The Old Republic Milestone

Legendary Adventures Old Republic Milestone

Part of every good adventure is putting down our own milestones. These milestones remind us where we’ve been and help point us forward to where we are going. As the Legendary Adventures crank on, it’s important to take a look back and remember where we have been so far!

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