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Forces of Destiny Round Two Starts in October (UPDATED)

The Forces of Destiny are back in two half-hour TV specials on October 1 and 29 (8:00 ET/PT), starring once again Star Wars’ female characters like Rey, Sabine, Hera, Leia, Jyn, Ahsoka, and many more, all voiced by their original actresses (besides Leia, of course). The newest round even sees Finn and Han Solo join the ladies in their adventures as well! The half-hour specials include 4 episodes from the previous batch matched up with 4 from the newest batch of 8, and will find their way to YouTube afterwards. Update: The newest episodes from the October 1 special are slowly dropping on YouTube and you can find them below, along with links to the first 8. Continue reading “Forces of Destiny Round Two Starts in October (UPDATED)”

Canon Comic Review: Jedi the Republic – Mace Windu #2

Jedi of the Republic - Mace Windu #2

– Spoiler Review –

Jedi of the Republic – Mace Windu #2 doesn’t save the series from its nondescript start, but it does opens up some potential and dives into meaty subject matter that could help propel the series towards something more than average. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Jedi the Republic – Mace Windu #2”

Canon Novel Review: Phasma

Phasma (novel)

Spoiler Review –

Phasma, by Delilah S. Dawson, is part of the “Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi” initiative, taking place only a few years prior to The Force Awakens. Dawson weaves together two entertaining and engaging tales, set 10 years apart, which reveal and strengthen the fearsome presence of Captain Phasma that TFA wasn’t really able to do, now making the character one to watch out for in The Last Jedi. Continue reading “Canon Novel Review: Phasma”

The Curious Case of Force Ghosts

The Curious Case of Force GhostsForce Ghosts, Force Spirits, Blue Jedi Group…call it what you will, but they’ve had a complicated and varied history in Legends, as the ability for Force users to become one had editors and authors alike jumping from retcon to retcon as George Lucas decided to fill in the blanks slowly over time. Once those stories were placed aside for the new canon, Force spirit practitioners went from over 80 individuals to 5 (!), the process and ability to become a spirit stayed complicated but was given some clarity, while Force spirits have since been rarely touched on or discussed. In the Curious Case of Force Ghosts, I’ll be looking at how even though the whole idea of Force spirits got simpler, it has gotten equally more complicated (Yoda’s The Clone Wars arc helped on both ends), offering up curious questions including why Anakin Skywalker hasn’t made many visits (yet), and who’s still haunting around in the sequel trilogy. Strap in, unless you’re a ghost of course then float around at your leisure, as Detective Mynock is about take you on a ghoulish ride into the spirits of Star Wars where the answers might be more fleeting than any of us would like at the moment. Continue reading “The Curious Case of Force Ghosts”

Canon Comic Review: Poe Dameron #19

Poe Dameron #19

– Spoiler Review –

Poe Dameron #19 delivers quite the poignant, exciting end to the “War Stories” arc, wrapping up the pursuit of ex-Black Squadron member Oddy Muva and providing the first inklings of Terex’s resurgence. All in all, one of the series’ best issues! Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Poe Dameron #19”

Canon Comic Review: Captain Phasma #2

Captain Phasma #2

Spoiler Review –

Phasma’s hunt for the only person in the First Order who knows of her actions on Starkiller Base continues to get as brutal as she is, making issue #2 a riveting entry for the Captain Phasma miniseries. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Captain Phasma #2”

Canon Comic Review: Star Wars Annual #3

Star Wars Annual #3

– Spoiler Review –

Another year of the Star Wars comic, another Annual issue to go along with it. Star Wars Annual #3 finds Leia and Han trapped on a snowy planet, searching for Rebel bases, when his smuggling past catches up to him. Written by Jason Latour and art by Michael Walsh, this new creative team spins a delectable Han and Leia yarn straddling the limits of their will-they-won’t-they relationship with aplomb. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Star Wars Annual #3”

Canon Comic Review: IDW’s Star Wars Adventures Vol 1: Heroes of the Galaxy (Issues #1-2)

Star Wars Adventures Vol1 Heroes of the Galaxy

At April’s Celebration Orlando this year, IDW announced they’d be bringing all-ages Star Wars comics to the market place and now we have Star Wars Adventures! The series is as canon as Marvel’s comics are and set to contain, you guessed it, adventures across time and space of the Star Wars galaxy. Volume 1: Heroes of the Galaxy is made up of a two-part main tale about Rey during her days on Jakku and some “Tales from Wild Space” featuring Obi-Wan and Evaan Veraline, and already it’s clear SW Adventures is a product anyone can find joy in. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: IDW’s Star Wars Adventures Vol 1: Heroes of the Galaxy (Issues #1-2)”

Luke and Leia Explore The Last Jedi’s Crait in Comic One-shot (UPDATED)

Crait is a new planet to be first seen on screen in The Last Jedi, though recent YA novel release Leia – Princess of Alderaan took us there first. Releasing after TLJ on December 27, Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Storms of Crait #1 will reveal Luke and Leia’s visit to the planet pre-The Empire Strikes Back. The writers will be Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, with art from Mike Mayhew (Old Ben’s Journals #15, #20). Check out the full cover from Marco Checchetto below and my thoughts on how it might tie into the film. UPDATED: You’ll find links to interviews with the Ben’s and Mayhew regarding Storms of Crait below as well! Continue reading “Luke and Leia Explore The Last Jedi’s Crait in Comic One-shot (UPDATED)”

Canon Comic Review: Doctor Aphra #12

Doctor Aphra #12

– Spoiler Review –

Vader crashes Chelli Aphra’s party and the muderbots make their move for freedom in another action-packed, humorous issue of Doctor Aphra! Issue #12 stands both as another high point of the series and for the comics overall. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Doctor Aphra #12”