Big Reveals Abound in Star Wars Rebels Season Three Mid-Season Trailer

Well, that was certainly something, wasn’t it? When you’re done rewatching the Star Wars Rebels midseason three trailer for the 100th time, let’s discuss all that it reveals and teases: Death Troopers astride of Thrawn, Mon Mothma, the Rebellion’s first big coordinated attack, Sabine training to unite the Mandalorians with her skills with the Darksaber, and much more. Oh, and the little Obi-Wan and Maul rematch the show’s been teasing this season? Time to place your bets because it’s (unavoidably so) coming.

Let’s not beat around the Dune Seas, shall we? First teased in S3’s 2nd episode, “Holocrons of Fate,” and pretty much all but confirmed in mid-season finale, “Visions and Voices,” the trailer confirms without a doubt that Obi-Wan Kenobi and Maul will face each other again. Now that the if is out of the way, as originally I was wondering if we might see the Ghost crew stop Maul before he even gets to Obi-Wan, we can start to focus on and theorize about what is actually going to happen. What will these two rivals say to one another since the last time they’ve seen each other was towards the end of the Clone Wars? Will Maul reveal he wants revenge more on Sidious than he does Obi-Wan? Will Obi-Wan listen or will he know teaming up with Maul to defeat the Sith isn’t his destiny (well, we know it but it doesn’t mean Obi-Wan wouldn’t consider the idea, however briefly)? Will Kanan and Ezra get involved in any way, shape, or form? And will Obi-Wan finally defeat Maul or just send him packing to die alone and without a purpose? After Ahsoka and Vader’s battle, it would be smart to be prepared for anything because the outcome of that is still a big question mark (though Freddie Prinze Jr. aka Kanan teased we might learn something regarding Ahoksa’s fate/what happened in the Temple between the two soon) and they could go a similar route here. However, I don’t believe that’ll happen, as Maul’s story, like any story, will have an ending and what better place than here after all these years, no? As for the outcome, I have one prediction I suggest both as humorous and serious: I want Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru to be the ones who ultimately defeat Maul, giving Obi-Wan death glares for not finishing the job sooner/putting Luke in danger like that (they did kinda help him defeat Black Krrsantan before…). Lastly, Stephen Stanton, who voices Grand Moff Tarkin in Rebels/The Clone Wars and Admiral Raddus in Rogue One, will provide the eerily Alec Guiness-like voice for the older Obi-Wan (via

Sabine has had an increased focus this season and her recent acquisition of the Darksaber continues to push her into the spotlight and thankfully so. Getting to see her explore her past, meet her mother, and try to unite the Mandalorians under the Rebellion’s banner are all things I’m just as excited to see as Obi-Wan v Maul, if not a little bit more so. As cool as these big battles at the end of the season have been, getting to explore more about the original characters I first came to this show for will take precedence to me because if anything these big battles take just a little bit away from them. The little bits of Mando lore (pun’s abound in Star Wars these days) in The Clone Wars revealed to me an interesting, but complicated culture of bloodlines and found family, and the little bit we’ve seen of how Sabine has handled that in her life (especially when we met Ketsu Onyo) has given the character even more layers and a new sense of mystery. Sabine’s history is one of the richest of the characters and the show’s finally cashing in, something to greatly look forward to in this second half of the season.

The trailer seems to tease the attack on Lothal, which has been in the planning stages since the S3 premiere, might just be the first time the Rebels come together for a coordinated attack. As far as we know, at this time the Rebellion is a bunch of desperate, loosely connected cells and the appearance of Mon Mothma (!!!) to the show as well as Jan Dodonna (seen recently in Rogue One and mentioned on the show before) means everyone’s coming together to take some major action against the Empire. Whether this turns out to be a good thing or not really depends on your interpretation of A New Hope’s opening crawl, “…have won their first victory…” as Rogue One showed the first victory at Scarif…so could Lothal be a ‘minor’ victory, but a victory nonetheless, or a defeat?

I only suggest defeat because least we forget, with all these things going on, that Grand Admiral Thrawn is still in play here. He seems pretty happy the Rebellion is amassing for an attack, which he is certainly sure plays into his schemes, ones I’ve theorized about before to include him being behind a lot of the things this season that the Phoenix Squad believes it’s gaining in an effort to attack Lothal. Beyond that, his hunt for Fulcrum, aka Agent Kallus, heats up, he goes into action with Death Troopers (who look even more frightening next to him than with Krennic), gets some training in, and the artwork decorating his dojo is straight from Ralph McQuarrie himself (great catch!). If he is to defeat the Rebellion’s attack at Lothal, it could help explain their reluctance to launch an attack on Scarif in Rogue One, as well as explain his absence from here on out as maybe he’s sent off to do other Thrawn-y things in Wild Space on behalf of the Empire (kind of like the Legends explanation for lack of Thrawn in the original trilogy).

There was already a trailer about January 7’s return of the show starring Saw Gerrera and there are many other little things teased in the newest one above as well, including the TIE Defenders, some new type of assassin droid giving Chopper some considerable problems, and the Empire coming to Atollon. Big things are coming to Star Wars Rebels and I’m more than certain the show will live up to the hype.

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