Canon Comic Review: Captain Phasma #1

Captain Phasma #1

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Curious to learn how Captain Phasma went from Starkiller Bases’ sole garbage chute occupant back to the frontlines of the First Order’s army? As part of the “Journey to Star Wars: The Last Jedi” initiative, Captain Phasma sets out to answer that question and it turns out, thanks to Kelly Thompson’s writing and the dynamic art from Marco Checchetto and colors by Andres Mossa, the garbage chute part looks to be the least important aspect of what might turn out to be quite the exciting journey.

Captain Phasma #1 wastes (pun!) no time in the trash compactor, as Phasma is only seen in it for a panel before she’s off to cover her tracks, find a scapegoat, and get off of Starkiller Base with only six minutes to spare! Kelly Thompson, who I’ve been hoping to see return to Star Wars after her strong work on Star Wars Annual #2, writes a fast-paced, calculated story that unfolds in a rather exhilarating manner. By making the trash compactor so insignificant to Phasma’s escape, and that she sets out in pursuit of someone to lay blame for Starkiller’s lowered shields on despite the place going to hell around her, issue #1 really helped highlight the character’s efficiency, tenacity, and cold-blooded nature. I had originally imagined no one would’ve known considering the whole planet gets turned into a star, thus thoroughly destroying any evidence, but it seems an officer named Rivas found her moment of weakness before she deleted it. I don’t picture Rivas’ life lasting very long, given Phasma’s Terminator-like pursuit here, despite an entire planet blowing up around her. It doesn’t solely make her the badass we’ve been told she was before her minor appearance in The Force Awakens, but it does a helluva lot to set that back on the right path; And this is only issue #1! I can only imagine how else Thompson will bring to light the shiny devil that is Phasma over the next three issues…

Speaking of shiny, the art is certainly that, as Marco Checchetto brings his welcomed style to Captain Phasma. There are so many panels that I couldn’t help but stop and stare at, as Checchetto’s art and panel placements really make the story pop, as well as bring out the tumultuous nature of being on a planet while it’s dying and allows the cold, calculating gaze of the eponymous character to pierce right through the reader. Andres Mossa colors accentuate this at every level and I love what he did to really give Phasma’s armor that chrome sheen that reflects all the colors around her. Couldn’t have asked for a better pair on this series!

Here are a few other things:

  • The fact the narration is Phasma compiling a report on events was an excellent choice by Thompson, as it keeps Phasma enigmatic while making it easy to imagine Gwendoline Christie’s tone of voice and cadence while reading.
  • Did you know Phasma’s cape is blaster-proof? Or at least it seemed like it, unless the bouncing blaster bolt had dissipated enough the cape could absorb it. And before you ask why not everyone’s armor in the First Order is blaster-proof, I have one answer for you: credits.
  • I’m just starting to read the novel Phasma, by Delilah S. Dawson, and I’ll link to my review of that here once I’m done. UPDATE: Here’s my review!
  • Kelly Thompson has done some interviews regarding the series. Last month it was over at Marvel, where she makes a pretty good point about the backlash to the character’s presence in TFA, while a more recent one (see: today) at covers some similar questions, but includes a nice little tease about a certain BB-9E seen in the final pages of the comic (who was revealed to the fans at large for this past week’s Force Friday II merch blitz for The Last Jedi)

Captain Phasma #1 charges out of the trash compactor in style, setting up what looks to be an exciting tale I can’t wait to read!

+ Leaving the trash compactor behind

+ Breathes new life into Phasma

+ Great potential ahead

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