Canon Comic Review: Captain Phasma #3

Captain Phasma #3

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Captain Phasma #3 shows the chrome-plated enforcer is not just brawn, but brains as well, functioning as a fitting penultimate issue for the miniseries.

The pace of Captain Phasma has been pretty relentless so far and it continues, though maybe a little too swiftly in issue #3, but it sets up quite the finale regardless. While the previous issue proved Phasma’s brawn, her brains take precedence here as she formulates a plan to take out the hive of giant sea creatures and manages to gain the backwater planet population’s loyalty. While getting off-planet is still a priority, Phasma isn’t leaving without personally seeing to Rivas’ death, considering he’s the only one who seems to know of her traitorous actions on Starkiller Base, and her plan brings her to the precipice of said goal…and a whole new threat. Kelly Thompson has been an excellent shepard of the series, showing us the many sides of Phasma and providing a compelling story.

Having read the Phasma novel, it comes as no surprise she’s capable of finding ways to inspire people to follow her, even if her intentions aren’t as beneficial to her new followers as she’d like them to believe. It’s a special skill, brought out by her commanding presence, physical prowess, and startling chrome armor. But what was surprising, is Phasma’s flashback to a moment from her past on Parnassos, where she mistakes Pilot for Siv, a fellow member of her tribe growing up. While I have to guess the male is Torben and the child Frey (also members of their clan), Siv is of huge importance to Phasma’s backstory, as the novel can portend to, and the moment here allows us to see she hasn’t put her past as far behind her as her cold demeanor would make one suspect. Reading the book after/before/during reading the comic is a must if you want even more about Phasma’s past, as this series is focused on her future.

Once again, Marco Checchetto and Andres Mossa were truly meant for this series, as everything from wide shots to intimate closeups, and the few panels where Phasma rises over the locals like she’s on Pride Rock from Lion King, are a thing of beauty. Looking forward to see how they do the finale justice!

Here are a few other things:

  • There was a confusing moment or two this issue, like how the girl with the crystal around her neck was hiding/suddenly found by Phasma, but the thread has left an intriguing storyline for the final issue to answer (like what those crystal mean for the ship Phasma is shown). Even more intriguing: how the hell Phasma is going to tear her way through all the land-dwelling monsters in her way.
  • I’ve enjoyed Pilot as a foil for Phasma, and while the chances of seeing her again after this are slim, potentially due to her dying next issue, putting a chatty character around a silent, less-talkative character has proven to be an extremely effective strategy (Aphra and Vader, anyone?).

Captain Phasma‘s penultimate issue propels us to what looks to be a thrilling, deadly conclusion only a series named after Phasma could deliver.

+ The stakes raise for Phasma’s push to kill her target and escape the wretched planet

+ Phasma flasbacks  

 Relentless pace leaves you wishing for an extra issue (or two)

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