Canon Comic Review: Chewbacca #4

Chewbacca #4

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Chewbacca #4 is consistent with this series’ humorous and adventurous tone so far and thanks to Chewie and Zarro’s fun little plan, it’s another “RRRhrragh,” in my book.

At the very least, the Chewbacca series has thoroughly given the mighty Wookiee a true chance to shine, thanks to Gerry Duggan’s writing and Phil Noto’s lovable art. I still feel like waiting for the trade for this series is probably the best option, but picking this up weekly provides tons of fun watching Chewie do what Chewie does best: wreck havoc on the Imperials and help out those in need. In particular, Chewie’s plan with Zarro to bring Juam down is both hilarious and ingenious: they store explosives in an astromech unit and don disguises to get into Juam’s hanger, with Chewie wearing a giant suit of armor with two lazer chain guns attached to it! The guns end up breaking down and Chewie’s forced out of the armor, punching bucketheads with enough force to break their helmets. Juam decides leaving is a good idea, but his Shistavanen friend Tyvak decides he doesn’t want to leave Chewie alive anymore. Their duel is way shorter than I would’ve hoped for, but fried Shistavanen makes both me and Chewie laugh a little.

The explosives-filled droid, after breaking down mid-battle, ends up on Juam’s ship thanks to Zarro’s brave and stealthy move. But once more Imperials arrive, Chewie and Zarro are captured and about to be sent up to the Star Destroyer Juam is going to dock with. This wouldn’t be that big of a problem, but Zarro put the explosives on a timer and combined with the explosive payload of Juam’s beetle bombs, anyone aboard the Star Destroyer when that thing goes off is going to be space dust.

Here are a few other things:

  • Since Sevox asked for a different droid for better optics, I’m betting we’ll see Zarro fulfill his wish by the end of the series next issue. I found it funny how the droid he’s currently using to see isn’t happy about it and is just as excited as Sevox is for a different droid.
  • It’s too bad there weren’t any flashbacks here, since getting a chance to explore even as brief a moment as it was of Chewie’s history before certainly got my hopes up for more. At least, as he’s on this little adventure, we’re getting a better idea of what makes him tick and how truly skilled he is in more than just blasting and howling.


Chewbacca #4 sets up for a high stakes finale and shows more of the Wookiee’s ingenuity.

+ Entertaining plan

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