Canon Comic Review: Darth Maul #3

Darth Maul #3

– Spoiler Review –

I had my initial reservation about this mini-series, but by the end of issue #3, I can honestly say Darth Maul has turned out to be an enjoyable experience especially thanks to its colorful cast of underworld characters.

Darth Maul 3While we don’t spend too much time with Eldra Kaitis, the captured Jedi Padawan up for sale, her spunky attitude and confidence in the face of her enemy have already endured her to me. She kind of reminds me of Mission Vao from Knights of the Old Republic and even a little of Ahsoka Tano when she was first introduced, because Eldra borrows traits like having a penchant for mouthing off, excited to experience combat, and lots of confidence, even if it’s to cover up a sense of fear. Considering it’s hard to imagine how she’ll come away from this alive, it seems unfortunate they’ve made her such an entertaining character because already I really hope they find some way to let her live once this series ends. This mirrors my thoughts about her from my review of the last issue and she only appeared at the very end of that one, so yeah, I’m definitely a fan of her and am eager but apprehensive about seeing where her story goes.

Cad Bane and Aurra Sing continue to be the perfect addition to this story, as they spice things up just enough to really keep it interesting. Their other two bounty hunter pals figure a little more into the events of #3, but they’re still circumstantial to getting to spend more time with Cad and Aurra. They are reacting and dealing with working for Maul much like you’d expect them too, and how their attempts to be rid of him eventually play out will be very entertaining, especially since we know Maul won’t end up killing them. Even better yet, now that they are hurtling towards a nearby moon because the ship they stole/snuck onto was sabotaged, their desire to be rid of Maul might have to be put on hold…or will take the forefront as they are chased across the moon by all the gangsters and criminals assembled to originally bid on Eldra. Either way, Cullen Bunn writes these two entertainingly enough that whatever they choose, it’ll be enjoyable read.

Maul is still a bit too monotonous, but it fits very well with how he’s been presented at this point in his life, and it’s way less noticeable this issue than the last two. The biggest reason why is simply because he talks more this issue, and not just to the bounty hunters discussing plans, but Xev Xrexus (the older lady gangster in charge of Eldra’s sale) and Eldra, both of whom get different Mauls than just the red mist one rummaging around in his head. Though I wish we got to see more brief flashbacks to his childhood under Sidious’ tutelage (like in the last issue), his time with Eldra has the potential to be more interesting only because it might teach him a thing or two that more time with Sidious can’t: that he should be more patient and he shouldn’t under estimate his most hated opponents….or it’ll teach him he’s justified in all his gusto and confidence which will add even more to his fall at Obi-Wan’s hands (the first time, at least).

Just as Cullen Bunn has given me faith in this series, Luke Ross, with Nolan Woodard on colors, has totally undone my preconceptions of his work due from The Force Awakens adaptation. His facial expressions, or how he frames faces to convey the character’s emotions, are delicious, while the darkness of the overall issue really helps give it an underworld of Star Wars type feel (nothing like Alex Maleev and Paul Mounts on Lando, but close).

Here are a few other things:

  • Xev Xrevus is a sophisticated by dirty rotten gangster and boy do I hope this series won’t be the last we see of her.
  • My biggest issue with Maul’s internal monologue is his belabored and constant mentioning of how his master will punish him: it’s like, we get it, man…he’ll punish you; It’s almost edging on excessive to the point I’m concerned Maul is almost looking forward to being punished…or something like that.

Darth Maul gets more enjoyable by the issue and #3 really lets the series hit its stride, setting up for what is sure to be a fun and entertaining final two issues.

+ Eldra Kaitis is one to watch out for…Maul should be more worried!

+ Looks to be heading in a very exciting direction

+ Cad, Aurra, and even Xrexus are compelling additions to the series

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