Canon Comic Review: Rogue One #3

Rogue One #3

– Spoiler Review –

Rogue One #3 adds a cut scene for Baze and Chirrut and some bittersweet continuity for Saw’s final moments, while ending just as the Rebellion makes things rather messy on Eadu.

There are two things in Rogue One #3 that I appreciated as additions to the film. The bigger one is a completely new scene between Baze and Chirrut on Eadu, just before the Rebellion makes its attack run that covers a simple question: why are Baze and Chirrut even with these people? Baze believes it’s so they can achieve vengeance on the Empire for destroying Jehda, how this makes them simply foot soldiers in the Rebellion’s army, while Chirrut isn’t following anyone or anything but Jyn because, “…she shines.” This actually seems to be a scene we could’ve had in the film, as Baze’s line in RO #3, “They destroyed our home,” is actually spoken by him in the film’s first full trailer (at around the 0:46 mark). Besides Chirrut asking Baze about Jedha City being well and truly gone, the film never really addresses their feelings about its destruction so keeping it here allows, even despite its brevity, some extra agency to their decision to stick around.

Both Saw and Galen, Jyn’s two fathers who perish in the film, both receive flashbacks to happier days before their deaths. Galen’s isn’t too surprising/special, but Saw’s goes a bit deep as his final word is, “Steela,” and we see the two of them, much younger, sharing a smile together. I wish the movie had taken the time to have him mention Steela, but I’ll take this moment as a concession (and both Star Wars Rebels and Rebel Rising have included him reminiscing about Steela) as it shows just how important she still is for him, even in his final moments. He has fought enough, now he can rest in peace with his sister, who he’s always felt was stronger, smarter than him.

While Rachelle Rosenberg continues on as colorist, Emilio Laiso exits as artist and is replaced by Paolo Villanelli. Rosenberg’s work on colors allows the same gritty, dark, and yet still colorful work emulating the film’s tone continue, which makes the change to Villanelli a little easier to swallow. In some aspects I liked Villanelli better, but both artists have an inconsistency with faces and in the end it doesn’t feel like there was that distinct of a change.

Here are a few other things:

  • While Baze and Chirrut got Guardians of the Whills and Jyn got Rebel Rising, Cassian and K-2SO get a one-shot comic about how they first met!

Issue #3 of the Rogue One adaptation continues to reveal Jody Hauser was an excellent choice, as even minor additions here add depth to the film, while despite a changing art team, things don’t change terribly much in that department (for better or worse).

+ Cut Baze and Chirrut scene

+ Steela…

 Win some, lose some with the art

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