Canon Comic Review: Rogue One #4

Rogue One #4

– Spoiler Review –

Two new scenes, one with Bodhi and Kaytoo, the other with Jyn and Mon Mothma, highlight the fourth issue of the Rogue One comic adaptation.

The best part about the entire Rogue One adaptation so far has been the inclusion of cut scenes and added insights/flashbacks have certainly been a plus as well. Rogue One #4 has two short, but very strong additions to the film that seriously leave one wondering why there were cut, considering they don’t seem to break the flow that much and are so short in the first place. The first scene takes place on Eadu and is between Bodhi Rook and K-2SO as they go about stealing an Imperial shuttle to get off the planet. Not only does it provide bonding for the two characters, more importantly it helps make Bodhi feel less marginalized and make him a more complex character, something we only get snippets of in the full film. He compares Cassian’s reprogramming to how Galen reprogrammed him (something also added in issue #1) and uses that connection to get the snippy Kaytoo to take his lead. So far, Bodhi’s benefited the greatest from these additional moments put in the adaptation and I’m happy for it.

Even shorter yet, but just as great to see, if not better, is Mon Mothma seemingly promising she’ll do her best to make things right for what the Rebellion did by killing Jyn’s father on Eadu. More screen time between the few women in the film (yes, Jyn may be the lead but it takes barely more than a hand to count how many are in it total) would’ve been really appreciated, so considering this moment is short as well as it is memorable for giving the two most important women in the film more time together, it’s just as confusing how the scene didn’t get in it. Thankfully, both this comic and the novelization make up for some of those short comings.

Jody Hauser has done an exceptional job so far keeping both the pace and feeling of watching the film, even while adding in new scenes and flashbacks. After a single issue switch in artists, we’re back to Emilio Laiso and for every great panel or two (Vader’s choking pun panel is as beautiful as one could hope), there are still some very off looking facial expressions for every character in a panel, while Rachelle Rosenberg continues bringing the gritty feel alive with the colors.

Here are a few other things:

  • I was a little saddened to see they didn’t sneak in the little reference to Rebels‘ Hera Syndulla, but maybe they’ll get the Ghost or Chopper’s cameo!
  • Jyn’s memorable, “I rebel,” line from the first teaser gets snuck into the issue here (though not in the same scene/context) and I cheered a little bit considering it was a little disappointing not to hear it in the film.

The Rogue One comic continues to be a great example of how to do an adaptation.

+ Cut Bodhi and Kaytoo scene

+ Cut Jyn and Mon Mothma scene

 Facial issues with the art return

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