Canon Comic Review: Star Wars #33

Star Wars #33

– Spoiler Review –

While the Star Wars mainline series was saved, momentarily, by The Screaming Citadel crossover with the Doctor Aphra series, it’s been awhile since I’ve really enjoyed an issue and knowing the next arc would start with Luke and Leia getting some alone time on an island, my apprehension was simply not helped. Thankfully, Star Wars #33 is a return to form for the series, not only giving us fantastic insight into Leia, but also some enjoyable twin team moments and the most exciting set up yet for what’s to come next (Hint: the series first (and nearly only) new character and a certain charming smuggler)!

Star Wars 33The internal dialogue from Leia in Star Wars #33 continues to add to the complexity that is the Princess of Alderaan, giving us even more insight on what keeps her ticking, whether or not her home planet ever would’ve gotten destroyed. Star Warssecond Annual dealt a little more with Leia’s survivor’s guilt, while this issue focuses on her drive to keep fighting and why she seemingly never takes a long enough moment to mourn. Leia considers each day she lives as another she can use to make sure her planet didn’t die in vain, told mostly to us readers through her internal dialogue and an awesome tale about her running away as a child. Seriously, the stuff with Leia this issue not only gives you more reasons to love the character, but just as many for your heart to break for her, as the scene where she points out the crazy fact that depending on where she is in the galaxy, Alderaan’s exploding light hasn’t reached them so technically it looks like it’s still out there, might as well be the saddest and most intriguing thing I’ve ever heard; Never thought about it like that and said realization really hits you in the feels.

The focus on Leia was great considering Luke took the co-lead in the last two arcs, but even so the twin time they got to spend together was delightful in its own right (not as delightful as his time with Aphra, but still very much so). It’s been a long time since these two got a chance to just hang out, though I don’t know if you count island survival hanging out, but it’s about as normal as it can get for these two and it’s exciting to see them bond so naturally. It makes them being related even more obvious, at least for those us who know, and strengthens their friendship…and thankfully nothing else. The moment when Leia shares with Luke that they’ll never be alone is about a precious as it can get for this soon-to-know it twins.

As entertaining and enjoyable as the island survival of Luke and Leia was, this issue ends on such an exciting tease I absolutely cannot wait to see what’s coming next: the final panel takes place on Coruscant (!), where Sana (!!) and Lando (!!!) are working together on…something, but I don’t care we don’t know what yet because it makes me even more excited for whatever is coming next between these two! We’ve been on Coruscant less than zero times in the original trilogy era and getting to see Sana and Lando spend time together is a dream come true, though I don’t believe it’s on any Rebellion business (at least that Lando knows) considering Han never mentioned him/Leia didn’t know about Lando until The Empire Strikes Back.

Salvador Larroca and Edgar Delgado stay on as the series’ artist team and weird alien creatures and exotic locales are right up their alley. The underwater natives of the planet Luke and Leia are marooned on had a serious Creatures from the Black Lagoon vibe to them, but as Larroca and Delgado are want to do, they make them seem normal in the world of Star Wars. Likewise, it was really cool to see shoretroopers after Rogue One, especially in a setting they were designed for, while some of the nighttime shots led to some moody and memorable panels (especially one of Luke with his lightsaber ignited, looking like a badass). As great as this team is, there were a few odd panels where I wasn’t sure if Luke’s head got put on someone else’s body or if someone else’s head got put on Luke’s body, but in the end very minor nitpicks.

Here are a few other things:

  • Curiously, I do believe this arc (“Rebels in the Wild”) will focus on two main heroes per issue, as solicitations seem to imply two issues from now is a Han and Chewie focused tale and #36 is Artoo rescuing Threepio, something that’s been a largely forgettable thread since November of last year. This arc’s focus on hero pairs doesn’t necessarily give me vibes that this will herald the end of the series, but doing something like this certainly makes me wonder and possibly believe we’re going to see a shakeup in the series’ focus or maybe it could mean a new series writer. I could be completely wrong, but it feels almost like a bit of a send-off, allowing Jason Aaron to wrap up some story threads before handing the reins over to someone else, no?
  • This is probably a good time as any to highly suggest you pick up the Lando miniseries ahead of his appearance here as you simply won’t be disappointed.
  • Want even more Leia? Then check out her first Forces of Destiny episode!

Star Wars #33 brings a struggling series back to its strengths and sets up even more fun ahead.

+ Leia insight

+ Twin bonding

+ Short but sweet tale, with exciting set up for the next!

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