Canon Comic Review: Star Wars #36

Star Wars #36

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Despite the need for rescuing C-3PO being practically forgotten, R2-D2’s escapades to do just that gives Jason Aaron’s Farewell Tour (the penultimate issue by the way) another hit on its hands with Star Wars #36.

Star Wars 36Threepio was captured by Scar Squad during issue #25, out November of last year, in which I pointed out such a development would only lead to some fun hi-jinks, Han and Leia bickering, and everyone alive in the end, thus not providing anything readers of this series hadn’t already seen. Artoo went after him in issue #26, out December of last year, which at least did make the whole rescue thing a little more intriguing, but alas visiting these two again had essentially been dismissed. 10 months later, having one single issue to wrap up this thread actually feels fitting, as I had never been able to imagine this story having any more weight to it than that. In the end, Artoo’s rescue led to some fun hi-jinks, no Han and Leia bickering, and everyone safely alive again (minus some Imperials, of course).

But, that all being said…I REALLY enjoyed this issue. In fact, it might be one of the best Artoo and Threepio stories of all time, and especially one of the biggest standout tales in recent memory for everyone’s favorite astromech. Some of the best moments for Artoo came from how Jason Aaron juxtaposed the manufacturer’s details on R2-units with Artoo’s actions, highlighting what we already know about the little guy: he’s special as hell. The fact he manages to take down a good portion of a Star Destroyer’s troops and hold his own for a moment in a space battle against his former master, Darth Vader, are truly unforgettable acts by the plucky R2-unit. Thank goodness he didn’t get shot off that Naboo starfighter running the blockade all those years ago… Also, the banter between the two life-partners droids is top-notch, providing tons of laughs, especially as it sounds predictably Threepio for him to take all the credit for Artoo’s hard work.

The art is done by Salvador Larroca, with colors by Edgar Delgado, so of course by now it should be expected I’ll say it was rather good, though I’m beginning to have problems with the tracing, but here’s hoping it doesn’t get much worse in the future. I particularly enjoyed the panels highlighting some of the ways Artoo took out stormtroopers, including trash compactor and fire systems. Your fun trivia of the day: You know the Imperial officer choked out by Vader towards the end for his incompetence? That was current Poe Dameron artist Angel Unzueta, as drawn by Larroca! What a nice friend, making him a character in Star Wars and promptly killing him off, hey?

Considering Scar Squad’s “big” get was Threepio, the fact the Imperials learned nothing useful from him and the Squad wasn’t there to deal with him anymore highlights their disappointing job so far as new villains. That Jason Aaron’s final issue is putting Scar Squad in focus gives me concerns #36 will be his last hit, as they’ve come up short in my opinion and I’m unsure if one more issue will help. I hope I’m wrong though, as it would be nice to for his run to end on all high notes and for Scar Squad to feel like a legitimate threat again, with the potential to see them after Kieron Gillen takes over.

Here are a few other things:

  • Love the cameo by a K2 unit!
  • Over at the official site, Salvador Larroca reveals his top 5 favorite moments drawing for the Star Wars series.
  • Also, kudos to the letterer, VG’s Clayton Cowles, who seems to be having a lot of fun with Artoo’s beeps and boops.

Star Wars #36 provides plenty of fun in as short of fashion as this issue’s tale deserves.

+ Artoo is one helluva a special droid

+ Plenty of good laughs

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