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Marvel Star Wars #6

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With a battle between Luke and Boba Fett, the discovery of what Obi-Wan left in his box for Luke, a completely unexpected twist for a favorite character, and Vader finally learning a vital truth which will reshape his and Luke’s lives forever, Star Wars #6 wraps up the series’ first arc in a grand fashion you’ll soon never forget.

Sana SoloMuch will be said about the fun battle in Obi-Wan’s Tatooine hut between Luke and Boba or Vader finally learning the truth about having a son, but much of the focus will be on the twist involving Han Solo and a brand new character. Having spirited away into an old smuggling hideout Han and Chewie uncovered accidentally, Han wastes no time to continue his wistful banter with Leia and offer some wine to celebrate their narrow escape from the Imperials. However, time in their little paradise under the electrical storms comes to a crashing halt when the mysterious woman first seen in issue #4 lands her ship. Considering Han just told Leia only he and Chewie knew about the land at the planet’s core, Han already has some answering to do. But when the lady reveals herself to be Sana Solo, Han’s wife, the questions just got a whole lot harder for him to answer. I absolutely love this little big twist about everyone’s favorite rogue and am excited by the possibilities. Obviously, Leia finally gives into her feelings for Han by The Empire Strikes Back, so whatever happens here it doesn’t effect their eventual relationship in the long run. But in the short term, how Leia reacts, how Sana deals with Han and another woman, and if Han is able to explain himself are easily my most anticipated moments hopefully to be seen in issue #8 (more on issue #7 later). Sana Solo’s existence begs a lot of questions: How long have they been married? Are they actually divorced and she still just calls herself that? Do they have children? Could it have been part of a job Han took and has been fleeing from ever since? Were they ever truly in love? Welcome, Sana Solo, you’re glad to have you and all the intriguing possibilities that come with your existence and kudos for the Marvel team and Story Group to go in such a bold and exciting new direction.

In fact thinking more about Sana’s marriage to Han, despite us not knowing the circumstances surrounding their union, led me to an interesting thought I couldn’t help but run with: Han chasing after Leia while being married equals out the work George Lucas did in the Special Editions with the infamous change over who shot first. Lucas, to some extent, made the change to the scene because he didn’t want everyone thinking their hero was a cold-blooded killer (or because it was always Greedo first) but instead one of the squeaky-clean ‘good guys.’ Either way, Han’s always been in the grey area due to being a drug smuggler, but making him shoot second brings him into the white a little more. But by making him a guy who will actively chase after another woman while married (even once we learn the circumstances) puts him back more in the grey, considering that’s not something one of the ‘good guys’ should ever do. That’s just speculation on my part, but something I thought others might want to consider.

While a blind Luke narrowly defeating Boba Fett in close quarter combat was a fun sequence given great life by John Cassaday, it’s the outcome of that battle which is way more interesting. Luke, certainly losing the tussle with Boba, manages to summon the Force to will the box Obi-Wan left for him to knock out the dangerous bounty hunter. Making his escape, Luke takes a moment to uncover what lies within the box: Ben Kenobi’s journal! I really want to get my hands on that thing! The next issue, #7, is actually a flashback to Obi-Wan’s time on Tatooine from a story Luke reads in the journal. The Legends novel Kenobi is one of my all-time favorite pieces of Star Wars storytelling, so here’s hoping #7 can capture the same magic John Jackson Miller did in his novel, and give us enlightening moments about Obi-Wan from his Tatooine life.

Vader’s life changes once Boba delivers the only news he can: the kid who blew up the Death Star was named Skywalker. The implications for how Vader views his relationship with his Master after learning such information go unsaid and unseen in this issue, but we definitely get the hint he’s unhappy this information has been kept from him as he cracks the transparisteel around him. If you’re also reading the Darth Vader series, this exact moment is covered in much more detail and with lots of insight into his deepest, darkest, most inner-thoughts on this revelation in issue #6. One thing’s for sure: Vader has been set on the path which propels him to events in TESB…and beyond.

Here are a few other things:

  • Jason Aaron, this series’ writer for the moment, spoke with Dan Brooks on the official site, giving some insight into the creative process for making all these big new moments in canon never previously done before, but disappointingly never touches on Sana Solo. I’m looking forward to an interview about that and where that idea came from.
  • Could we see Sana Solo in the upcoming Han Solo Anthology film recently announced?


The first 6-issue long arc for Star Wars ended just like it started: with rip-roaring adventure and surprising new events for all the classic characters. While maybe more surprising than anyone expected, they wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they didn’t always keep us guessing. Splendid start to Marvel’s new reign on the comics.

+ Sana Solo and all the implications and possibilities that come with her!

+ Boba Fett vs Luke

+ Vader learns the truth

+ Obi-Wan’s journal

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