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The Curious Case of Governor Arihnda Pryce

The Curious Case of Governor Pryce

There’s more to being a Head Butler than tidying up the Manor, especially since those mynocks tend to make a mess of everything (well, anything with a power source that is), and occasionally even we members of the service caste get some free time. Thusly, one develops hobbies to bide the time between guests at the Manor, and mine has become being a detective…a detective of the growing Star Wars story. With “The Curious Case of…” series, I’ll show you what I’ve found…

I’m just excited as the next fan that Grand Admiral Thrawn is in canon now, set to appear in Star Wars Rebels‘ third season, but there’s someone I’m way more intrigued by at the moment, coming to the show in the same season: Lothal Governor Arihnda Pyrce. As I mentioned in my review of the Rebels‘ season three premiere, “Steps into Shadow,” I didn’t find Thrawn as interesting as Pyrce because he’s a known entity, in that anyone who has read the Thrawn Trilogy has a good idea what to expect out of him: studying his opponent’s art to find their weaknesses, a brilliant 5-steps ahead of you strategy that will make any chess player jealous, etc. But Governor Pyrce has pretty much been a non-entity in the show and suddenly in her first appearance not only is shown as practically an equal to Grand Moff Tarkin but she’s standing right by Thrawn’s side after she demanded he be brought in. How did she go from a character barely mentioned in season one, rarely in season two, to hanging out with the two most recognizable Imperials who have names that start with “T?” After some careful research, I’ve uncovered ewok crumbs leading straight to the answer thanks to the forward-thinking work of the Lucasfilm Story Group. Be curious no more about Governor Arihnda Pyrce, as Detective Mynock is on the case… Continue reading “The Curious Case of Governor Arihnda Pryce”

Dream or Force Vision: A Crazy Night’s Thoughts on Star Wars: Episode VIII


Dream or Force Vision A Crazy Night's Thoughts on Star Wars Episode VIIIIt’s not very often I have Force visions (see: never), but I just recently had a dream that I could easily mistake for one. This dream, despite all the Rogue One news and trailer dropping or all the hours I’ve sunk into No Man’s Sky on PS4, was about the ending to Episode VIII. In the interest of posterity, and just seeing if maybe somehow this dream was actually a prophetic Force vision of the future, I wrote it all down so when the next saga film releases in December 2017, I could compare. I’ve decided I’ll share that dream with you all as well, but please note: This is not a theory or based on any spoilers, as I’ve not read any spoilers (if there are any), I was there for the Future Filmmakers panel at Celebration Europe 2016 but that didn’t reveal much besides a great list of old movies to study (which I’ve only seen two of them), and I’ve only seen some of those behind-the-scenes pics of filming at Dubrovnik and various parts of Ireland; Other than all that, I know as much about Ep. VIII as a wampa in a cave on Hoth. This is just for fun and simply nothing more. Heck, the whole dream was in LEGO, if it being a dream wasn’t enough to tell you how seriously you should take this. With all that in mind, please enjoy. Continue reading “Dream or Force Vision: A Crazy Night’s Thoughts on Star Wars: Episode VIII”

Marvel’s Back: 2015 Star Wars Comics Year-in-Review

Marvel Star Wars Comics 2015In 2015 Marvel returned to Star Wars comics, wrestling control from Dark Horse after its nearly 25 year run. Unlike its first go-around, every tale Marvel planned on telling would be canon, supervised much more carefully by the Lucasfilm Story Group, as well as scrutinized by fans of Dark Horse’s work and Star Wars fans in general. As Marvel’s first year back comes to a close, 58 issues later (all pictured above!), how has their return to Star Wars comics fared? In my Star Wars Comics 2015 Year-In-Review, I look back at what did (there’s a lot) and didn’t work (there’s not too much), name my top 5 favorite moments, and share a few of my thoughts (i.e. hopes, fears, and possible fixes) for 2016’s comics.

Mild spoilers for all the comics released in 2015 —

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The Force Awaken’s “(Just) Let It In,” – A Parody of Frozen’s “Let It Go”

Let It In vs Let It GoEver since I heard Maz Kanata’s line at the end of the new The Force Awakens trailer, I couldn’t get it out of my head: “Just let it in.” Part of it stuck with me because it promised hope for whomever the character was talking to (likely Rey), while the other because it sounded so suspiciously close to “Let it Go,” the hit song from Disney’s Frozen. Once I made the subconscious connection between the two, I was unable to shake the thought of “Let it In” and “Let It Go” being so similar. It got to the point where I was hearing “Let It In” replacing the words “Let It Go” in Idina Menzel’s song and that’s when it hit me: the only way to get the two unconnected in my head was to go all out and completely redo Elsa’s showstopping number “Let It Go” to become Rey’s breakout hit, “Let It In.” Maybe not the best idea, but below are the results. Continue reading “The Force Awaken’s “(Just) Let It In,” – A Parody of Frozen’s “Let It Go””

Grand Admiral Canon: To Be or Not to Be “So Artistically Done” Again

Grand Admiral Canon

– Warning: This article contains spoilers for Aftermath and Lost Stars

Let me start this off by saying, without a doubt, this article is pure speculation. The Fleet Admiral character introduced in the final pages of Star Wars: Aftermath is without a name, species, or any other physically identifying details. He remains a mystery and will likely remain to do so until we’re much closer to the release of the second part of the Aftermath Trilogy sometime next year. But what we have been given is enough for myself and many, many, many others to speculate on the Admiral’s identity, with millions of fingers pointing at an all too familiar Grand Admiral who is synonymous with the original Expanded Universe. However, it’s as equally likely it’ll be someone else entirely or a brand new character as much as it could be the famous Admiral. But once I decided to make the assumption it could be the old staple of the Legends-verse, Thrawn, I started to wonder: how can the new unified canon make the Grand Admiral character fresh and unique while still honoring what came before in Legends? Can he really be so artistically done again? This article has my answers to those questions. Continue reading “Grand Admiral Canon: To Be or Not to Be “So Artistically Done” Again”

Star Wars Netflix Hopes: The Rule of Two

Star Wars Netflix Hopes

Once the rumors of Lucasfilm bringing not only one, but three live-action series to Netflix started, so too did every fan’s imagination. The wonderful folks over at the WhoWars Podcast just recently did a little segment on what shows they’d like to see, while asking and featuring responses from Twitter followers. Of course I suggested an idea and they graciously included it in their segment, but once I came up with it I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it, hence this post. My idea was this: a show focusing on the Rule of Two, and how over the generations Bane’s simple plan managed to survive long enough for Palpatine to use it to destroy the Jedi. Here’s why I think it would work so well as a TV series. Continue reading “Star Wars Netflix Hopes: The Rule of Two”

A Good Blaster At Your Side: The Future of Star Wars Video Games (Part 3)

A Good Blaster At Your Side: The Future of Star Wars Gaming (Part 3)Jedi usually mean big things: battles aboard Death Stars, planets destroyed, seats of government changed, galaxy-wide conflicts, etc. But if the non-Jedi mini-story focus of the first Anthology film Rogue One is anything to go by, there’s a push away from big spectacle to smaller focused stories for everything Star Wars without an Episode number and I feel like the same will be true for the beginning of EA’s video game content: expect games with a single player campaign (i.e. not Battlefront) to, at least at first, give the game’s protagonist a good blaster at their side instead of the mystical lightsaber. Continue reading “A Good Blaster At Your Side: The Future of Star Wars Video Games (Part 3)”

The Great Reboot of 2100: Just How Evergreen is Star Wars?

The Great Reboot of 2100

Imagine it’s the year 2115. Maybe the zombie apocalypse finally happened, maybe we’re facing the Blight seen in Interstellar, or maybe we’re all fleeing Mars for another planet. One thing for sure is that 100 years from now, the Force will have already awoken, noticed life has past it by, and it’ll be sad its old friends, those born prior to 2015, will have already died. Heck, those who will be born by the time of Ep. IX‘s release in 2019 would likely be on their way to becoming one with the Force too. But forget about whether your alive or not for a second and begin to wonder instead if Star Wars is still alive as a franchise in 2115, because as evergreen a property as it may be, can it really survive another 100 years, especially as is? Could those behind the franchise finally run out of ideas, letting Star Wars fade into everyone’s great-great-grandparent’s distant memories or could they have taken certain measures to ensure its survival for 100 more years? Enter ‘The Great Reboot of 2100.’

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Preserving the Mystery of In-Universe History

Preserving the Mystery of In-Universe History(2)

There’s been a lot said about the consumption of spoilers, specifically around The Force Awakens, and how the knowledge you gain from them may or may not affect you and your viewing experience. But as this article’s title suggests, it’s not going to be about spoiling TFA, instead it’ll be discussing the advantages of keeping the in-universe history which leads up to TFA a mystery. Because if the 30-35 years post-Return of the Jedi stays a mystery until the opening crawl and even after the credits roll for TFA, the film has a chance to emulate a feeling similar to when viewers were first introduced to the galaxy far, far away (be it 1977 or their first viewing of the films). Who doesn’t want that? Continue reading “Preserving the Mystery of In-Universe History”

Star Wars Ring Theory: An Interview with the Author, Mike Klimo, and Why You Should Read It


One of the more amazing aspects of fandom is the way people interact and engage with their chosen franchise, from cosplay, to fansite writing/podcasting, creating various homemade games/films, or finding news ways to interpret it. Star Wars Ring Theory: The Hidden Artistry of the Star Wars Prequels is one of those unique things only a fanbase as passionate as the Star Wars universe can conceive of. If you haven’t read this multi-page epic dissection of the first six films in the saga, do so now and then return here for an interview with the author, Mike Klimo. If you don’t want to read it just yet, stick around and I’ll try to explain why you should read it no matter what level of fan you may be of Star Wars.

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