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Video Game Review: Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront is a multiplayer focused game with some of the best graphics in Star Wars gaming history, but can it live up to expectations of carrying the fan-favorite moniker, Battlefront? The answer isn’t a solid yes, as it’s an experience that both seems, and eventually is, thin, but there’s no denying no matter how long you play it there’s fun to be had. Continue reading “Video Game Review: Star Wars: Battlefront”

Canon Novel Review: Star Wars: Battlefront – Twilight Company

Battlefront Twilight Company

Spoiler Review –

Battlefront: Twilight Company is a novel inspired from the video game series, Battlefront, and is written by Alexander Freed. Whatever you do, don’t write off this novel due to it being video game tie-in media, because Freed not only makes Twilight Company work, but also manages to craft a well-written, entertaining novel providing a gritty, unabashed look at the life of a grunt solider fighting in a galaxy far, far away. And until Rogue One releases, for now I’d call Battlefront: Twilight Company the Saving Private Ryan of Star Wars. Yeah, I’m just as surprised to write that sentence as I’m sure you are to read it. Continue reading “Canon Novel Review: Star Wars: Battlefront – Twilight Company”

Star Wars: Battlefront’s Launch Trailer is Impressive Highlight Reel

Battlefront’s launch trailer captures the one aspect of the game I thoroughly enjoyed in its open beta: it feels, in looks, sounds, and scope, like Star Wars should in video game form. The folks at DICE saved the best for last, laying on the cinematic quality of the game’s graphics in a truly impressive compilation of footage from the upcoming game. Details on the new Heroes and Villains, plus some thoughts (see: hopes) about the DLC plan below. Continue reading “Star Wars: Battlefront’s Launch Trailer is Impressive Highlight Reel”

Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Impressions with Video

Whether it’s the volcanic splashes of Sullust, the icey hallways of Echo Base, or coarse-rough-and-it-gets-everywhere sand of Tatooine, I’m sure we’ve all played a lot of Battlefront over it’s open beta weekend (there was 9 million of us who did!). I have my video impressions for you above (my first video for the site!), while my slightly more detailed thoughts reside below along with some of the latest news and some very entertaining clips other players captured. Continue reading “Star Wars: Battlefront Beta Impressions with Video”