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Help Create Uncle Milton’s Star Wars Science Jedi Holocron!

Jedi Holocron from Uncle MiltonUncle Milton has been making some innovative toys for Star Wars with it’s Science brand, like the Force Trainer and The Force Glove, and their next one is no exception: a Jedi Holocron. They’ve asked fans to help build it’s knowledge base by offering a chance to play the game now, so when it releases in stores it’ll be the ultimate repository of information on Star Wars. The press release and link to the game are below. Continue reading “Help Create Uncle Milton’s Star Wars Science Jedi Holocron!”

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Schedule is Live

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Rebels variant

Most of the schedule for Celebration Anaheim 2015 is finally live and visitors can start planning out their days accordingly. There are several unannounced panels yet, specifically no mention of Battlefront‘s appearance yet, but expect those unknown events to be announced in the coming weeks and we can only hope they’ll be ones focused on The Force Awakens, Rogue One, Battlefront, or something completely surprising. Continue reading “Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Schedule is Live”

Star Wars Comic-Con Plans and A New Dawn Launch Event

Star Wars Rebels Plan your San Diego Comic-Con panel viewings accordingly, as Lucasfilm announced their schedule for the much anticipated event. On top of that, John Jackson Miller will be at Barnes and Noble in a galaxy near us to help launch his latest novel, and first of the new canon, A New Dawn. Continue reading “Star Wars Comic-Con Plans and A New Dawn Launch Event”

Her Universe Adds Marvel Line

Her Universe Marvel

Her Universe is quickly becoming one of the top voices for female fans and has an already impressive merchandising line-up for many brands lacking female apparel. Today that line-up gets even more expansive with the inclusion of Marvel branded apparel, including a funny and neat Hydra glow tee and a Rogue shirt that reminds me of her appearance on the always awesome 90’s X-Men cartoon. Continue reading “Her Universe Adds Marvel Line”

Disney Store Promises Star Wars Girl Toys Are Incoming

Princess Leia

After a Disney Store employee had the misfortune of tweeting that there would be “…no plans for Leia products…” lots of people took to the internet to voice their displeasure. Thus a hashtag of trending proportions was created, #WeWantLeia. It was utterly ridiculous that the female fan-base of Star Wars was seemingly considered unimportant to the higher-ups and that the focus was to only be on male-orientated offerings. Thankfully, Disney heard the outcries and has revealed to Time that girl toys are coming. As great as this is…this shouldn’t have even happened in this order in the first place. Continue reading “Disney Store Promises Star Wars Girl Toys Are Incoming”

Wednesday Overload: J.J. Trolls, Standalone Director, Rebels Clips, Insider Canon

Star Wars logo

Mynock Manor went live just in time it seems! After Monday’s splendid casting announcement, I thought we might be getting a bit of a break. Today proved that wrong when we not only had J.J. respond to all the TMZ set photos leaks of Ep. VII, but also another standalone Star Wars film received a director, two new Rebels clips hit the internet, and SW Insider revealed their (already out) contributions to new canon. Phew, say that five times fast while juggling Jawas atop a krayt dragon.

Continue reading “Wednesday Overload: J.J. Trolls, Standalone Director, Rebels Clips, Insider Canon”