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Canon Comic Review: Rogue One #1

Rogue One #1

Spoiler Review –

While adaptations (be it books or comics) and I have never really seen eye to eye, especially since they have to leave out parts or change scenes that clash with how I remember a film, I had my hopes up with some of early news that Rogue One‘s adaptation would expand on the film with extra scenes. After the close of Rogue One issue #1, written by Jody Hauser with art from Emilio Laiso & Oscar Bazaldua and colors from Rachelle Rosenberg, I’m happy to say it not only accomplishes its goal to add to one’s understanding of the first A Star Wars Story film, but also manages to be a worthy take on the material. Continue reading “Canon Comic Review: Rogue One #1”

Inferno Squad Hunts Rebels in New Christie Golden Novel

Inferno Squad

In what sounds like a name for a Star Wars villain-starring A-Team story, Inferno Squad is a newly announced novel set just after Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (thus during A New Hope) to be written by Christie Golden. Inferno Squad, who will hunt the remaining Partisans once led by Saw Gerrera, will heat up book shelves July 25, but until then check out the sparse initial details below and expect more news at Celebration Orlando 2017 in April. Continue reading “Inferno Squad Hunts Rebels in New Christie Golden Novel”

Rogue One Character Novels Expand Jyn, Chirrut, and Baze Backstories

Although previously revealed a few months ago, the two books have now been officially announced for release on May 2: Rebel Rising and Guardians of the Whills, which are set to fill in important backstories for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story characters. Rebel Rising, by Beth Revis, explores Jyn Erso’s time with Saw Gerrera before he abandons her, while Guardians of the Whills, by Greg Rucka, will follow Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus as they deal with the beginning of the Imperial occupation of Jedha. Check out the synopses, full covers, and links to excerpts below! Continue reading “Rogue One Character Novels Expand Jyn, Chirrut, and Baze Backstories”

Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide Review

Rogue One The Ultimate Visual Guide

If you have ever wished that you could know more about a film than would ever be necessary, then Pablo Hildago has an incredible gift for you. Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide contains a galaxy’s worth of knowledge within its pages, giving a depth to Rogue One’s lore that makes it feel like a franchise all its own.

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Young Reader’s Review: Rogue One: Rebel Dossier

Rogue One Rebel Dossier

Recently, massive multi-media pushes have accompanied everything from films to new TV shows to video games. Battlefront was accompanied by the Twilight Company novel, while Rebels gained a little supplementary material from My Rebel Sketchbook. The Force Awakens got two supplementary young reader’s books: both Rey’s Survival Journal and Poe Dameron: Flight Log, or even retellings such as Finn’s Story. Similarly, Rogue One released alongside the Rebel Dossier. How does this dossier stack up against the previous supplements?

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You Can Read the Rogue One Comic Adaptation in April…the Captain Said So

Rogue One Comic Adaptation Phil Noto Variant

Whether or not you liked The Force Awakens’ comic adaptation (we weren’t that big of fans of it here at the Manor), there’s a whole new creative team behind Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s adaptation, with Jody Hauser as writer and Emilio Laiso (Star Wars Annual #2) on artist duties. You can look for it in comic shops with issue #1 starting in April, but before then, you’ll find below that I’ve looked into Hauser’s past works (and mention how she fits into my hopes for 2017’s comics) and what Laiso means for the story as an artist. Continue reading “You Can Read the Rogue One Comic Adaptation in April…the Captain Said So”

Soundtrack Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One A Star Wars Story Soundtrack Review

(I met Elliot Marsh and his wife Felicia at Celebration Anaheim in 2015 and managed to stay in contact despite them living across the pond in England. At Celebration Europe 2016 I got to spend some good quality time with these two wonderful Star Wars fans and have been good friends with them ever since. This is Elliot’s first post for the Manor, so show him how the Force is with us and how we’re all one with the Force as Star Wars fans over on Twitter @despecialised!)

It’s still a bit of a mystery why Academy Award winning composer Alexandre Desplat (The Grand Budapest Hotel, The King’s Speech) was suddenly removed from his duties on Rogue One in September 2016, just three months before the movie opened. Whatever the reason given (and “scheduling difficulties” was the official explanation offered by Lucasfilm) Desplat’s replacement Michael Giacchino (Lost, Star Trek Into Darkness) apparently had only four and a half weeks to compose his Rogue One score. His musical challenge: to answer the same question no doubt also then burdening director Gareth Edwards – how to break new ground in the Star Wars franchise with these standalone movies, without alienating a passionate fanbase?  Continue reading “Soundtrack Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Ghosts of Geonosis”

Star Wars Rebels Ghosts of Geonosis

Spoiler Review –

Star Wars Rebels returns from its winter break with “Ghosts of Geonosis,” an episode that contains its own ties to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (which had quite a few Rebels references) including Saw Gerrera appearing, as the crew tries to uncover what the Empire was so keen to hide they’d been building at Geonosis. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Ghosts of Geonosis””

Canon Novel Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

-Spoiler Review-

In 2015, Alexander Freed wrote Battlefront: Twilight Company, a great novel unfortunately surrounded by the Journey to The Force Awakens imprints and the actual movie itself in December. Despite it’s low-key status, Twilight Company may be one of the canon’s most solid novels. How does Freed stack up when adapting a movie to a novel? Continue reading “Canon Novel Review: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”

Saw Gerrera Re-Animated in Star Wars Rebels’ Mid-season Three Premiere (UPDATED)

This is the crossover you’ve been waiting for: Saw Gerrera, voiced by Forest Whitaker, who portrays the character in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, will be coming to Star Wars Rebels’ third season in a special two-part midseason premiere airing January 7. There’s now a second video for the premiere, cutting in footage of RO and the new episodes, below. Continue reading “Saw Gerrera Re-Animated in Star Wars Rebels’ Mid-season Three Premiere (UPDATED)”