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The Force Awakens Exhibit Impressions (SWCA 2015)

The Force Awakens ExhibitRight after the opening ceremonies let out and I was still processing the new The Force Awakens teaser, I stumbled my way over to the TFA Exhibit without realizing it. I love it when a plan works out! I’ve got a few short impressions from the content, with an extensive picture gallery below. Continue reading “The Force Awakens Exhibit Impressions (SWCA 2015)”

The Force Awakens Teaser #2 and Opening Ceremonies Impressions (SWCA 2015)

Things were kicked off in pretty splendid fashion with the opening ceremonies where J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy spoke about working on the much anticipated movie, our three new heroes took the stage, the droid builders got their due, and (most of) the classic cast came out to thunderous applause. Oh…and there was some teaser or whatever. Heard it wasn’t anything good…kidding, IT WAS MASSIVELY AMAZING. Look for my non-caps recaps of the event and the trailer below. Continue reading “The Force Awakens Teaser #2 and Opening Ceremonies Impressions (SWCA 2015)”

SW Celebration Anaheim Live Stream, J.J. Abrams Sightings with Pizza Generosity, and More

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Live StreamIn one of the smartest and fan friendly moves in history (Okay, maybe not history), loads of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim content, including the opening ceremonies with J.J. and Kathleen Kennedy, will be live streamed from the official SW site! They’ll also have exclusive interviews with cast from the saga on top of panel coverage, so if you wanted to stay home and catch up on all the action in your pjs, now you totally have the option to do so.

The bravest of SWCA attendees have already started lining up for the opening ceremonies Wednesday evening and it has paid off for them: one fan, Zachary Kelsey, happened to run into J.J. Abrams and got a picture, while various reports reveal JJ/KK have pitched in for pizza for the masses waiting overnight for the big kickoff event. Talk about caring for your fans!

Other fans were just getting their badges for the Celebration weekend and noticed a listing for an The Force Awakens exhibit, scheduled to open starting at noon on Thursday and 10:00 am for the rest of the convention. It’ll include glimpses into props, costumes, and more used in production of the film and it would be doubly cool to check out after seeing a new TFA trailer on Thursday morning (fingers crossed).

And in the gaming world, EA Star Wars’ Instagram account has been teasing an image of a trooper from their upcoming Star Wars Battlefront (here’s the full picture). While I jumped to conclusions on it being an underwater trooper, Andrew Gaultier from Eleven-Thirty Eight helped me realize the more obvious choice: zero-g troopers. Let the speculation begin until the Friday morning panel.

Can’t wait to see everyone on the show floor and experience whatever other surprises may come!

Continue reading “SW Celebration Anaheim Live Stream, J.J. Abrams Sightings with Pizza Generosity, and More”

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Schedule is Live

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Rebels variant

Most of the schedule for Celebration Anaheim 2015 is finally live and visitors can start planning out their days accordingly. There are several unannounced panels yet, specifically no mention of Battlefront‘s appearance yet, but expect those unknown events to be announced in the coming weeks and we can only hope they’ll be ones focused on The Force Awakens, Rogue One, Battlefront, or something completely surprising. Continue reading “Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Schedule is Live”

Star Wars Battlefront Confirmed for Celebration Anaheim

SW Battlefront 2015EA’s developer DICE have announced—through EA’s dedicated Star Wars siteStar Wars Battlefront will be making some type of appearance at Celebration Anaheim in April. With a Holiday 2015 release date still expected, it’s a given we’ll get a glimpse of the first gameplay footage from the game. The details are still forthcoming for what its debut entails, but I’m expecting at least a gameplay heavy trailer, a possible panel, and desperately hoping for a hands-on demo, or at the very least a behind closed doors event for the press. Of course, it’d be even better with a surprise appearance from the other EA developers, Visceral and BioWare, to tease what they’ve been working on for SW too. One can certainly hope. Continue reading “Star Wars Battlefront Confirmed for Celebration Anaheim”

Celebration Anaheim Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Schedule, #AhsokaLives Day

Star Wars Rebels

A press release has unfurled the details on when and where you can catch all the latest Star Wars Rebels content when attending Celebration Anaheim in April, including a showing of the two part season 2 premiere, while fans have created an event around a returning fan favorite character. Continue reading “Celebration Anaheim Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Schedule, #AhsokaLives Day”

Celebration Anaheim Events: Rancho Obi-Wan, Speed Dating, Navajo Screening, and More!

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

Having the prequels in 3D and premiering the season 2 opener of Star Wars Rebels surely is enough for events at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in April, right? Thankfully it’s not, as now events are filling up to include speed dating, a tattoo pavilion, select artifacts of Star Wars memorabilia from the precious halls of Rancho Obi-Wan, a screening of the Navajo dubbed version of A New Hope, and an audio drama from Kyle Newman. Anyone else’s schedules already looking packed? More details on all the above and more below. Continue reading “Celebration Anaheim Events: Rancho Obi-Wan, Speed Dating, Navajo Screening, and More!”

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Gets Rebels Season 2 Premiere, Prequels in 3D

3D Absolutes

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim attendees this year will have a lot to look forward to in terms of The Force Awakens content (or so I speculate) but we can’t forget about the rest of the saga. Already news about events coming to April’s big show are dropping, including 3D screenings of the prequel trilogy (first spotted by Yakface) and the premiere of Star Wars Rebels’ second season! Continue reading “Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Gets Rebels Season 2 Premiere, Prequels in 3D”