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Star Wars Rebels Review: “Secret Cargo”

Star Wars Rebels Secret Cargo

Spoiler Review –

An episode name like “Secret Cargo” is somewhat misleading, as it’s not a really catchy or memorable title and seems to obscure the possibility for such a good Star Wars Rebels episode to be hiding inside of it, but hey, I guess that’s this episode’s secret cargo itself: a damn fine episode of Rebels that some fans have been waiting for since the show first premiered in 2014 and is certainly important to the mythology of the Rebel Alliance, but that is certainly not all it’s good for. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Secret Cargo””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Through Imperial Eyes”

Star Wars Rebels Through Imperial Eyes

Spoiler Review –

Grand Admiral Thrawn’s hunt for the Fulcrum in his ranks, aka Agent Kallus, comes to a head in Star Wars Rebels‘ latest, “Through Imperial Eyes,” an exciting episode with an unsurprising outcome (at least for me) that still leads to intriguing storytelling opportunities for the show’s final episodes. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Through Imperial Eyes””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Legacy of Mandalore”

Star Wars Rebels Legacy of Mandalore

Spoiler Review –

Incorrectly, I assumed “Legacy of Mandalore” wouldn’t be able to emotionally match “Trials of the Darksaber,” but Wren family drama and a surprising ending (which makes sense once you recover) find a way to match, if not outshine the previous excellent episode. In “Legacy” and “Darksaber,” Star Wars Rebels has its best S3 episodes yet…if not the entire series. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Legacy of Mandalore””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Trials of the Darksaber”

Star Wars Rebels Trials of the Darksaber

Spoiler Review –

Sabine battles her inner demons when the responsibility of wielding an ancient Mandalorian weapon is thrust on her shoulders, resulting in one of Star Wars Rebels‘ best episodes to date, “Trials of the Darksaber.” Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Trials of the Darksaber””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Ghosts of Geonosis”

Star Wars Rebels Ghosts of Geonosis

Spoiler Review –

Star Wars Rebels returns from its winter break with “Ghosts of Geonosis,” an episode that contains its own ties to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (which had quite a few Rebels references) including Saw Gerrera appearing, as the crew tries to uncover what the Empire was so keen to hide they’d been building at Geonosis. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Ghosts of Geonosis””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “An Inside Man”

Star Wars Rebels An Inside Man

Spoiler Review –

Agent Kallus makes a startling (not really) reveal, Lothal has most definitely changed, and the seeds of what will eventually be Grand Admiral Thrawn’s grand plans are just beginning to show in Star Wars Rebels, “An Inside Man.” Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “An Inside Man””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “The Wynkahthu Job”

The Wynkahthu Job

Spoiler Review –

Star Wars Rebels‘ latest, “The Wynkahthu Job,” took me by surprise with an entertaining premise, complex ending action sequence that recalled Indiana Jones films, and tons of humor (thanks mostly to the return of Hondo Ohnaka), making for an enjoyable and exciting episode. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “The Wynkahthu Job””

Star Wars Rebels Review: “Iron Squadron”

Star Wars Rebels Season Three Iron Squadron

Spoiler Review –

In Star Wars Rebels‘ “Iron Squadron,” the crew ends up assisting a “ship full of Ezras” in their fight against the Empire and an intriguing connection between Thrawn and a member of Phoenix Squadron is revealed. Continue reading “Star Wars Rebels Review: “Iron Squadron””