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Star Wars: Dark Disciple – Cover Art

Dark Disciple

Dark Disciple, the title for the upcoming Asajj Ventress novel co-starrring Quinlan Vos just got a cover (from artist Matt Taylor). There’s not much we know about it at this point besides from it being based off unaired season seven scripts from The Clone Wars, Asajj and Dooku cross paths, and Asajj has her hair growing back. But having evolved into one of the more interesting characters in TCW, it’s nice to finally see her wide-open ending in the show continued in some form or another. And for fans of Vos, we’ll maybe get to see how much of his EU/Legends background they pull into canon. The book, written by Christie Golden (who’s involvement I spoke about already) will be hitting shelves July 7th, 2015, following after both Heir to the Jedi, Lords of the Sith, and the first of Marvel’s new comics.

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The Clone Wars Soundtrack Available Now

SoundtrackJust in time for the final season of The Clone Wars to hit store shelves, Walt Disney Records has made the Star Wars: The Clone Wars soundtrack available on select digital platforms. The collection consists of songs from all six seasons of the show for a total of 28 tracks. Those hoping for a comprehensive, complete soundtrack for the show are going to be disappointed, but from the track names some of the most important tunes from the show will at least make it in the 28 song collection. There’s scores for Obi-Wan and Satine, Maul and Savage, Ventress, and of course the gut-wrenching finale involving Ahsoka Tano (some of the tunes can be found at Kevin Kiner’s website). Amazon has it for at $9.49 to release on Nov. 10th, while iTunes has it for $9.99 to release on Nov. 11th. There’s no word on a physical release for the score at this time, but I know this’ll be playing non-stop in my car the moment I can download it.

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The Clone Wars “Lost Missions” Coming To Blu-ray and DVD in November

The Clone Wars The Lost MissionsThe Netflix exclusive season 6 of The Clone Wars, “Lost Missions,” will be available for purchase in Blu-ray and DVD formats starting November 11th, 2014. The season consisted of four arcs, with one focusing on the origins of Order 66 and another being a mystically-filled journey deep within the Force with Yoda in one of the series’ most interesting and exploratory arcs. Amazon has both up for pre-order already, but just know only the Blu-ray version comes with the “Crystal Crisis” storyboard episodes released as part of the TCW Legacy a few weeks back (a set of adventured-filled fun that I highly recommend watching), so purchase accordingly. You can try holding out for a complete series set, but I’d rather sleep inside a tauntaun than place bets on that coming out any time soon.

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The Clone Wars Legacy and Ventress Novel Title Unveiled

I’ve always been an avid fan of The Clone Wars, so of course I was disappointed, along with many others, upon it’s cancellation. Since then we’ve not only gotten an extra season, but two unaired story arcs saw the lights of Tatooine: a comic series, Son of Dathomir, giving partial closure to Darth Maul’s arc; and a novel starring Asajj Ventress, now titled Dark Disciple. With all that extra content already, it was surprising when Jedi News hinted at some big TCW news hitting soon and sithspit, they weren’t wrong: a story reel version of an arc on Utapau, concept art, and new databank entries were put on the official site for fans (on the eve of Rebels, nonetheless) with a promise we haven’t seen everything yet.

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Asajj Ventress Novel Announced At SDCC 2014

Asajj Ventress


At the San Diego Comic-Con Del Rey panel titled Star Wars: A New Dawn, referring to both the book and new storytelling era it kicks off, a brand new novel was announced. Based off unaired scripts from The Clone Wars animated show, the novel stars Asajj Ventress and Quinlan Vos, authored by Christie Golden. The tentative time frame of summer 2015 was given for its release. While the novel is the biggest thing from the panel, there was some information shared regarding thoughts on how to view ‘canon’ and some hints at possible sources storytellers are mining for new content, like Legends work or unaired/unproduced pieces.

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