Celebration Anaheim Events: Rancho Obi-Wan, Speed Dating, Navajo Screening, and More!

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim

Having the prequels in 3D and premiering the season 2 opener of Star Wars Rebels surely is enough for events at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim in April, right? Thankfully it’s not, as now events are filling up to include speed dating, a tattoo pavilion, select artifacts of Star Wars memorabilia from the precious halls of Rancho Obi-Wan, a screening of the Navajo dubbed version of A New Hope, and an audio drama from Kyle Newman. Anyone else’s schedules already looking packed? More details on all the above and more below.

Looking for love in Alderaan places? Then sign yourself up for speed dating from the folks at Nerd Nite, which includes 5 sessions for those seeking a hetero partner while another for those of the LGBT persuasion. It’s great to see them being inclusive like that and good luck to all those who apply for a session! To help your chances, maybe you can pick up a sweet tat beforehand. I don’t personally have any tattoos yet, but this might be the perfect place to not be laughed at for asking to get lightsabers tattooed on my middle fingers.

Whether you speak it or not, a screening of A New Hope in Navajo might be something more unique than you can possibly imagine. It’s the first film to be dubbed in Navajo and this special screening will include never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage plus a Q&A with some of the important people behind the effort. Another new audio experience at Celebration is Smuggler’s Bounty, Kyle Newman’s (Fanboys) follow-up to Celebration VI audio drama Smuggler’s Gambit (which you can hear at the official Star Wars site). Expect David W. Collins as Han Solo, James Arnold Taylor, Sam Witwer (The Clone Wars, Battlestar Galactica), Jamie King (The Clone Wars, Sin City) and many other surprise guests.

(This next bit isn’t new, but it’s worth noting): If you’ve not had the chance to travel to the Star Wars memorabilia mecca that is Rancho Obi-Wan, its curator Steve Sansweet will be bringing nearly 300 items from his unique collection. They’ll include such items as, “…a hand-carved, jointed AT-AT with nails for chin guns, and an amazing piece of original string art backed by velvet…Fan-made piñatas, lightsabers, hand-embroidered jackets, costumes and even a painted Star Wars chair rescued from a scrap heap are among the items that will be displayed.” I hope there’s enough time in the day to see all the wonderful curiosities he’ll be bringing.

Lastly, Craig Drake talks with the Star Wars official blog about his Celebration Anaheim poster, its various iterations, and a Star Wars Rebels variant:

Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Rebels variant

Stay tuned for more Star Wars Celebration Anaheim 2015 updates as they come.

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