Celebration Anaheim Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Schedule, #AhsokaLives Day

Star Wars Rebels

A press release has unfurled the details on when and where you can catch all the latest Star Wars Rebels content when attending Celebration Anaheim in April, including a showing of the two part season 2 premiere, while fans have created an event around a returning fan favorite character.

First off, the Star Wars Rebels panel announced awhile back has a name, date, and time, so it’s time to get your schedules in order if you plan on getting your fix of the TV show while in Anaheim:

New Allies and New Villains in Star Wars Rebels Season Two (11:00 AM – Noon)
Location: Celebration Stage / The Arena
Get a sneak peek at the second season of Disney XD’s animated hit series Star Wars Rebels, which continues the epic adventures of the crew of the Ghost and further reveals the early days of the rebellion against the Empire. Dave Filoni (Executive Producer, Supervising Director), Freddie Prinze, Jr. (Kanan), Vanessa Marshall (Hera), Tiya Sircar (Sabine), Steve Blum (Zeb), Taylor Gray (Ezra) and other special guests will discuss the startling story developments revealed at the end of season one and offer some can’t-miss exclusive previews of what’s to come in season two!

Of course, who doesn’t want to be amongst some of the first to see the 2 part season premiere, especially after the pulse-pounding and exciting season one finale? And if you’re afraid you won’t get a seat, Rebels Report found the room it’ll be in can hold upwards of 3,800 people! Here’s those details:

Star Wars Rebels Season Two Global Premiere Screening (5:00pm – 6:30pm)
Location: Digital Stage (3rd Floor) / Ballroom 300
Witness the global premiere of Star Wars Rebels season two, which launches a whole new set of adventures for the Ghost crew and hints at the challenges to come under the shadow of their new adversary, Darth Vader. Attendees will be the first to see the two-part second season premiere following an encore screening of the thrilling season one finale.

#AhsokaLivesHaving Ahsoka Tano back after her long absence has certainly thrilled a lot of fans (including myself), enough for her to beat out Luke, Ezra, and Kanan in the recent This Is Madness character tournament and also enough for Johnamarie Macias and Amy Ratcliffe to create an event centered around the Togruta for any fan to enjoy. Friday is #AhsokaLives day, where everyone is encouraged to, “…wear Ahsoka-related anything! T-shirts, costumes, costume t-shirts, face paint – you get the idea!” Head over to the event’s Facebook page for all the details! I know I’ll be wearing my newly bought Ahsoka shirt, while Her Universe’s “Visions of Ahsoka” tee is also highly recommended (and for the guys who want to buy it, there’s a long Twitter conversation with possible answers on which size they should consider purchasing).

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