Cosplay Gallery and Celebrity Sightings (SWCO 2017)

While this year I was seemingly focused on finding any and all Doctor Aphra cosplay, the record setting attendance numbers meant there was a Wookiee-load (quite literally) of amazing cosplay. Check out my gallery for cosplayers (there’s a Captain Phasma one that’s so damn good I would’ve guessed Gwendoline Chrisite had been in the suit had I not watched someone put her helmet on) and one or two big celebrity run ins, plus I have links to some other great happenings with cosplay at the con as well as the entire cosplay competition from the show that’s also well-worth a watch!

First, we’ll start out with the Aphra cosplayers I got pictures of as well as some links to pictures others took (including a half-dozen brought together at Marvel’s panel. Also, these have been shared on the site before at both the Doctor Aphra #6 review and my Marvel Panel Impressions):

At the Marvel panel, all the Aphra cosplayers were rounded up at the end for a photo op backstage with the panelists: Here’s Heather Antos with them. Jordan D. White got one, as well as Matt Martin, while Salvador Larroca, who originally drew the character, tuned in about how happy he was to see so many people cosplaying as his character. Other awesome cosplay shots, outside of the Marvel panel roundup, include Bria from Tosche-Station with Darth Vader, while she also got one with Kylo Ren as a joke in reference to Kieron Gillen’s line from the latest Star Wars Insider where he said, “I can just see an older Aphra throwing her arm around Kylo Ren and saying ‘Oh, the things I could tell you about your Grandpops.’” However, my favorite has to be Colorina’s assortment of greatest hits! The fanbase around Aphra seems to grow every year and for good reason!

And here’s the rest of the cosplay I managed to take pictures of:

Of course, the biggest (see: not at all) celebrity appearance was none other than…me, seen for only a few seconds on the livestream for Sunday:

Here are a few other things:

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