D23 Expo 2017: Star Wars Land Details, Name, and Immersive Hotel, plus Battlefront II BTS Featurette

While everyone, including your grandparents, will likely still call it Star Wars Land, at the D23 Expo 2017 its official name has been unveiled as Galaxy’s Edge. Fittingly named considering it takes place on a planet at the edge of Wild Space, which is basically the edge of the known Star Wars galaxy, the first Galaxy’s Edge opens at Disney Land in 2019 (once again making a case for Celebration 2019 to take place in Anaheim). Plenty of new details were released regarding the experience, as well as the news a fully immersive Star Wars hotel experience was on its way as well. Also at D23, Battlefront II got some focus in a video game livestream, where Steve Blank (Lucasfilm Story Group) and Janina Gavankar, who plays the game’s main character Commander Iden Versio, chatted about the game and released an extensive BTS featurette on the game’s story. Check out more about Galaxy’s Edge (yes, there is blue milk!) and the new Battlefront II footage below!

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Galaxy’s Edge features two main attractions, a battle between the Resistance and the First Order, and getting to fly the Millennium Falcon (stuff we’ve learned before), but the main draw is that each and every moment is a fully immersive experience in the Star Wars galaxy. Expect to run into familiar faces like BB-8, Chewie, and HONDO ONAKA?! Stop the presses….that’s it, that’s all you needed to tell me. I hope he’s taking recruits because I’m already signing up to join his merry band of space pirates! You can check out a whole metric ton of extra photos (via ClubJade) regarding both the model seen in the flyby video above, as well as stuff from the booth at the D23 floor.

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Want something even more immersive than an entire 14-acre Star Wars Land (see, didn’t call it Galaxy’s Edge again)? How about a luxury hotel experience where the moment you step in, it’s an entire story for you and your fellow guests, 100% for the time of your stay? That sounds both insanely awesome and insanely bonkers, considering all the windows show only space since you’re travelling in a “starship” while you’ll be given a wardrobe to look more Star Wars-y. I’d give it a go once in my lifetime, though the rumored prices of $650 a night, minimum two nights, mean it’s time to save up now. This one looks to be coming to Disney World only at this point.

The D23 Level Up! Video Game Showcase livestream (the link starts at the Star Wars section) is worth a watch alone to see Janina talk about the game intensely while in character, while sticking around to the 21:40 mark gives you the chance to see John Boyega take the stage, where they show him playing the game (which it seems Janina has not, surprisingly!). While Janina dropped an image of Inferno Squad, which Iden Versio commands in Battlefront II, a few days before, the BTS featurette allows us to see her comrades and their respective actors in action: Hask, as played by Paul Blackthorne, who should be instantly recognizable to Arrow fans; Del, played by TJ Ramini (24, Twisted). Check out an updated character profile for Iden, while you’ll find the details for the early October multiplayer beta here. Also, here’s a picture of Janina looking as badass as ever, while Polygon has a nice little interview with her (which includes discussing her awesome presentation at last month’s EA Play for E3). The upcoming novel, Battlefront II: Inferno Squad is out July 25 and Battlefront II the game drops November 17, where I’ll see you all on the battlefront (or not, as I’ll be playing the singeplayer first and foremost)!

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