Double the Excerpts: Last Shot and Thrawn – Alliances (UPDATED)

The two currently announced adult novels, Last Shot and Thrawn: Alliances, recently got some revealing and exciting excerpts. Head below for the details! UPDATED 4/6/18: There’s a second excerpt for Last Shot as the novel’s release draws closer!

Last Shot, written by Daniel José Older, has sounded like an exciting novel since its announcement, as it’ll cover three distinct periods in Han and Lando’s lives: before Solo: A Star Wars Story, between Solo and A New Hope, and post-Return of the Jedi. Its first excerpt takes place post-RotJ, where Han is trying to have a lazy day with baby Ben Solo and is rudely interrupted by Mon Mothma and the co-star of the novel, Lando Calrissian! Due to Older deciding not to get heavy handed with any foreshadowing towards Han’s fate by Ben’s hands in The Force Awakens, it actually makes the benign cuteness of these two together feel even more tragic. The interview with Older is pretty great too, especially since he mentions a very young Ben calls Lando, “Unca Wanwo,” and you can hear all the awws from around the galaxy. Pick this one up April 17, 2018 (mine’s already pre-ordered)!

UPDATE 4/6/18: The latest excerpt from Last Shot – A Han and Lando Novel has Han spending some time at Maz Kanata’s castle, but he’s rudely interrupted by the trouble Sana Starros brings with her! We’ve known since the book’s announcement that Sana would have a roll, but it’s awesome to finally get a glimpse of her time to shine in the novel! Sana has been strangely absent from the Star Wars mainline series since Kieron Gillen took over, and while solicitations revealed she’ll be visiting her ex’s comic soon, Doctor Aphra, I hope her absence doesn’t continue for long. However, her leap to this novel certainly makes up for it.

The next excerpt is from Thrawn 2: Thrawn Harder Thrawn: Alliances, written by Timothy Zahn, which is set sometime between season 3 and 4 of Star Wars Rebels, made obvious via details in the excerpt and events from the series finale. The excerpt reveals why Emperor Palpatine is sending both Grand Admiral Thrawn and Darth Vader on a mission: to investigate a disturbance in the Force and test their allegiance to him; But that seems to be the least interesting thing about this mission, as the planet Palpatine is sending them to is Batuu! So why is Batuu exciting? Because it’s the planet us Earthlings will be able to visit as part of the fully immersive Star Wars park, Galaxy’s Edge, in 2019! This is a pleasant, welcomed surprise and I’m happy to see them building up the planet’s lore in the saga, helping to add excitement for the coming park (which probably doesn’t need it!), something I suggested could also be done through the comics in my 2017 year-in-review. But wait, there’s more! Teased in the first Thrawn novel, Anakin Skywalker and Thrawn met sometime during the Clone Wars and it’s revealed it was not only on Batuu (the mystery deepens!), but they ended up unwittingly stopping one of Palpatine’s plans in the process. What were Palpatine’s plans out near Wild Space? Something to do with the eventual Contingency plan as seen in the Aftermath Trilogy? Or something else entirely? All I know is my hype for Thrawn: Alliances is through the damn roof now, making its July 24, 2018 release date feel even further away.

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