Dream or Force Vision: A Crazy Night’s Thoughts on Star Wars: Episode VIII


Dream or Force Vision A Crazy Night's Thoughts on Star Wars Episode VIIIIt’s not very often I have Force visions (see: never), but I just recently had a dream that I could easily mistake for one. This dream, despite all the Rogue One news and trailer dropping or all the hours I’ve sunk into No Man’s Sky on PS4, was about the ending to Episode VIII. In the interest of posterity, and just seeing if maybe somehow this dream was actually a prophetic Force vision of the future, I wrote it all down so when the next saga film releases in December 2017, I could compare. I’ve decided I’ll share that dream with you all as well, but please note: This is not a theory or based on any spoilers, as I’ve not read any spoilers (if there are any), I was there for the Future Filmmakers panel at Celebration Europe 2016 but that didn’t reveal much besides a great list of old movies to study (which I’ve only seen two of them), and I’ve only seen some of those behind-the-scenes pics of filming at Dubrovnik and various parts of Ireland; Other than all that, I know as much about Ep. VIII as a wampa in a cave on Hoth. This is just for fun and simply nothing more. Heck, the whole dream was in LEGO, if it being a dream wasn’t enough to tell you how seriously you should take this. With all that in mind, please enjoy.

As far as I could tell, the dream starts at the end of Ep. VIII, just as a climactic battle between our heroes and the villains begins. For the heroes, we have Luke, Leia, Rey and the rest of the Resistance (I’m saddened my dream didn’t include Finn or Poe) attacking the hidden base of Supreme Leader Snoke. Since he doesn’t think they know his hidden location, there isn’t a big First Order presence on the planet, and very little in the way of guards for his mountainside fortress. Using repurposed AT-ATs, put together by Luke and Rey, the Resistance starts the assault on the fortress. There were some funny lines exchanged between Luke and Leia as they thought back to Hoth and how this was like the reverse of that moment, but I can’t remember the exact lines.

Once the AT-ATs breaks through the fortresses walls, Luke heads off to face Snoke, but is confronted by Captain Phasma, who he (unfortunately) dispatches very quickly. Rey heads after Kylo, while Leia stays to command the forces. Rey and Kylo get into a rather epic lightsaber battle, but it somehow ends in a draw, with both of them knocked out. Leia tries to get to them, but is cut off as parts of the fortress start collapsing due to the AT-ATs continued attacks.

Luke barely gets to battle Snoke, as the Supreme Leader realizes he’s outmatched and decides to run. Using the crumbling fortress as an initial distraction, Snoke summons wolf-like creatures from the depths of the planet, which swarm Luke as Snoke escapes. On Snoke’s way out, he grabs the unconscious Kylo and Rey, taking them with him to his ship as he takes off for the stars. Meanwhile, Luke puts up a valiant fight against the creatures, but the final time we see him he’s being overrun and the fortress crumbles on top of him.

The First Order’s armada arrives, but Leia is desperate to find her brother, not wanting to lose him so soon after finding him again, only adding to the pain from losing her husband. As Leia is throwing debris around with the Force to get to Luke, Anakin Skywalker’s Force ghost visits her for the very first time, telling her, “Run, Leia, run!” Considering he hasn’t spoken to her until now, Leia realizes he would only reach out if it was vitally important and she takes his advice, despite her better judgement and flees with the Resistance. She can feel Luke in the Force still, but is broken about leaving him and losing Rey…and not getting to try to save her son.

Roll credits (i.e. this is when I awoke).

It definitely has an Empire Strikes Back-vibe to it, with the heroes on the losing side and down a member (or two) by the end. But no matter how possibly serious you could read the events of this dream to be, remember I saw this all in LEGO, so when Luke was destroying the wolf-creatures they’d pop apart into little LEGO pieces, the AT-ATs had LEGO mini-figure images of the Rogue One characters painted on their sides, and Phasma popped apart at the middle while her legs ran away from her top half and she had to chase after them.

I look forward to seeing just how wrong I am when I revisit this come December 15, 2017.

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