Dynamite Entertainment Gains James Bond Comics Rights, Coming 2015


I’ve always been a huge Bond fan, even though a large swath of his films aren’t anything special, it’s just the character and the world are fun to explore. The books have always provided a stronger and less varied take on 007, and while the movies never seem to stop (even after MGM’s bankruptcy woes), Bond will continue to drink martinis, drive fast cars, and chase women in it’s return to the format of comics: Dynamite Entertainment has secured the rights to the franchise for comic, digital comics, and graphic novels.

It seems the comics will take place prior to 1953’s Casino Royale novel, and are canonical with the novel version of the character. It’s hard to care about the canonicity of Bond, seeing as he’s continuously being rebooted, but for those who wondered, now you know. The series will feature familiar villains, henchmen, and even some ‘Bond Girls.’ Nick Barrucci, CEO of Dynamite Entertainment, had this to say about the acquisition:

The high-octane action, the charm, the unquestionable allure of this man of action – it all stems from Ian Fleming. We are excited to build upon Fleming’s source material with new canonical stories, and are honored at Dynamite to be a small part of his legacy, to be able to bring new stories to fans around the world.

Expect Bond to be taking out super villains with his charm and their need to talk to him first, kill second, sometime next year. (Story via Comicbook.com)

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