EA Provides Minor Updates on Upcoming Star Wars Video Games from Visceral Games, Respawn Entertainment, and More

The above video was released at EA Play’s E3 2016 Press Conference, showing off very brief glimpses into the upcoming future of Star Wars video games from Visceral Games, Respawn Entertainment, Motive, Capital Games, DICE, and Bioware. Shortly after, a blog post at EA.com went live, with a few more details, including a timetable. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot revealed and what little was shown was mostly underwhelming, but there was some nice teases in regards to both Visceral and Respawn’s games, and I’ve got more details below on all that’s coming.

Visceral Games' Star Wars Project Footage

Visceral Games’ Star Wars project was given a 2018 release window, so I guess I can understand the minor footage or anything more significant from it (though E3 2016 isn’t over…so we can still hope!), but a title would have been nice. Besides the VERY brief shot of early in-game footage (the screenshot above), which looks to be at least taking place in a time where the Empire is in power, we did learn that Star Wars concept art legend Doug Chiang is helping them with the game, so it should promise to look and feel authentic. The “original story” with “new characters” of Visceral Games’ project is being headed by Amy Hennig, who I’ve written about before (and I had the pleasure of meeting at Celebration Anaheim 2015) and is one of my favorite game director/writers in gaming at the moment (she wrote for my favorite game series, Uncharted), and she’s being awarded June 12 (tonight, as of this posting) with BAFTA’s Special Award for her work in the industry. This game is in good hands folks and I can certainly wait for 2018 so what they’ll bring.

Mo-cap Lightsaber Battle for Respawn Entertainment Star Wars Project

Respawn’s game was teased to take place in a wholly new era of Star Wars, which looks to involve lightsaber battles judging from the mo-cap battle being shown off as BTS footage (as seen above). Mentioned in the initial Respawn announcement, Stig Asmussen, who was part of the massively successful and popular PlayStation franchise, God of War, is working on the upcoming title. There’s no set release date but don’t expect it until 2018 or later, it would seem.

DICE and Motive are working together on next iteration of Battlefront, where they’ve supposedly been listening to what the fans want. Does that mean singleplayer? Space battles? We’ll find out in 2017. Then DICE and Criterion (makers of the Burnout racing series) are working with the PlayStation VR headset for a special Battlefront PS VR experience (previously announced).

Bioware talked about The Old Republic with the usual fluff, promising to celebrate the game’s 5 year anniversary this Decemeber in some way, while Capital Games says the mash-up battles of their mobile game Galaxy of Heroes is to bring their imaginative toy battles to life. Nothing new about either series announced.

As I said before, underwhelming but also understandable, as it takes time to make a truly good game. One can always hope there’s a little more to reveal from one of the above games at Celebration Europe 2016 next month, but we’ll have to wait and see. UPDATE: Nope, nothing released really there either for new content.

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