Experience Game of Thrones In IMAX With Exclusive Season 5 Trailer

Game of Thrones IMAXGame of Thrones has become quite the phenomenon after it starting airing on HBO, giving the A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels a competent and thoroughly entertaining adaptation most book series dream of, but I never imagined the show could reach such new and unprecedented heights: To build hype, despite not needing it for the upcoming 5th season, HBO has teamed with IMAX to premiere the season 5 trailer exclusively on their massive screens alongside remasters of the last two season 4 episodes. If you can make it to the opening night showing (Janurary 29th), the first 300 ticket holders will recieve some really unique (and very cool looking) posters, after which you only have a week to catch these screenings before they’re through.

Without spoiling anything, the final two episodes are “The Watchers on the Wall,” and “The Children,” respectively. “Watchers” has some Lord of the Rings/movie-level fantasy battle sequences, including an amazing single continuous 360º shot of a part of the battle, and it screamed for a movie-screen type showing when it first aired. It takes place exclusively at the Wall, the final protection for the kingdoms of Westeros against the ancient unknowns and White Walkers in the far North. “The Children” might not have an entire battle to keep you captivated, but since when has Game of Thrones needed battles to keep you glued to the screen? Many big pieces get moved around on the board in GoT‘s usually surprising ways and ends the season with many a fan favorite’s fates going places no one dreamed of. Would these have been your first choices for IMAX remasters of episodes? What episodes would you like to see in IMAX or any theater? If you’re thinking season 3’s “The Rains of Castamere,” you’re a terrible person.

If you’re not all caught up, get someone to loan you their copies (though their are more nefarious ways), or you can wait for when HBO GO launches this spring independent of a cable subscription, like Netflix, and just miss out on these showings. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did this again, especially if ticket sales are great, for the lead up to season 6 so you can always go next year.

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