First Star Wars Stand-Alone Titled, Ep. VIII Gets Release Date

Gareth, Felicity, and Rian

Rogue One lit the internet on fire when it was initially announced, while Rian Johnson’s Ep. VIII locks down its release date, the official site confirms. I do my best to stay calm with the details below.

Rian has been talking about working on Ep. VIII since fall of last year, but it took until today for him to be finally confirmed to not only be writing but directing The Force Awaken‘s numerical sequel. As for Rian Johnson as a director, I found The Brothers Bloom to be mostly enjoyable, but Looper is already worthy of being considered a classic and ranks among my top ten films of all time. Ep. VIII should be in good hands when it’s delivered on May 26, 2017; That’s 40 years and a day after A New Hope‘s release back in 1977! Here’s a fun fact that should tell you how much our world has changed since then: Ep. VIII will be going up against an untitled LEGO Movie whereas ANH was up against Smokey and the Bandit.

The biggest and most exciting news to drop was the first spin-off’s title, Rogue One. A movie about Rogue Squadron (not confirmed, but obviously likely) with a female lead played by Felicity Jones? Holy Mother of Moons I can’t wait to see what that all entails. Could it be about the continuation of Rogue Squadron post-Return of the Jedi? About the Rogue’s formation? Or will it be the start for more X-Wing escapades much like the novel and comics from Legends (Mike Stackpole, who began the X-Wing novel series, has some fun thoughts on the movie)? Gareth Edwards (Godzilla) is directing and Chris Weitz (About A Boy, Antz) is writing, who was brought onboard after Gary Witta polished a first draft of the script. Rogue One films this summer so expect more casting news in the very near future. It’ll release December 16, 2016 (here’s hoping its teaser will premiere with TFA), followed 6 months later by Ep. VIII.

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