Forces of Destiny Round Two Starts in October (UPDATED)

The Forces of Destiny are back in two half-hour TV specials on October 1 and 29 (8:00 ET/PT), starring once again Star Wars’ female characters like Rey, Sabine, Hera, Leia, Jyn, Ahsoka, and many more, all voiced by their original actresses (besides Leia, of course). The newest round even sees Finn and Han Solo join the ladies in their adventures as well! The half-hour specials include 4 episodes from the previous batch matched up with 4 from the newest batch of 8, and will find their way to YouTube afterwards. Update: The newest episodes from the October 1 special are slowly dropping on YouTube and you can find them below, along with links to the first 8.

I originally said I’d review the first 8 episodes together, but a lot of other things have come up since then so I’ll be doing a review of the first 16 episodes sometime shortly after they air. UPDATE 10/30: Here’s my review of the first 16 episodes!

UPDATE: 10/01/17: One of the new episodes has been released ahead of the special airing tonight. “Newest Recruit” is all about how Ketsu Onyo ends up finally joining the Rebellion. She originally starred in one of my favorite episodes of Star Wars Rebels,  “Blood Sisters” and this FoD short is a sequel to that in a way.

UPDATE 10/02/17: Another of the new batch of episodes that aired in Sunday’s special has come online, “Tracker Trouble,” which deals with Rey, Finn, Han, and Chewie disabling a tracker Unkar Plutt placed on the Falcon.

UPDATE 10/03/17: “Teach You, I Will,” has Yoda stepping in to train Ahsoka briefly, who is just beginning to use her dual lightsaber technique. I didn’t catch it, but someone pointed out that a move Yoda makes that Ahsoka blocks is a DIRECT call-out to her fight with Vader in Star Wars Rebels‘ “Twilight of the Apprentice.” How’s that for synergy?!

UPDATE 10/04/17: The last of the 4 new episodes of Forces of Destiny has been released. “The Starfighter Stunt,” shows that the piloting skills of any Skywalker/Amidala children doesn’t solely come from Anakin.

UPDATE 10/31: Here are two new episodes that released with the second TV special. The first, “Accidental Allies” finds Sabine and Jyn Erso meeting, while second is “An Imperial Feast,” which tackles the ewok’s taste for human flesh and that the Ghost is a better ship than the Millennium Falcon…that’s right, General Hera Syndulla and Han Solo have a little chat on Endor!!!

And Rey gets up close and disgustingly personal with a happabore…only a saint like her would go through all that to help a poor creature.

11/1/17: Ketsu has a little too much fun with speeders. All in all, probably my least favorite episode of the series

Anyways, here are the links to the first eight episodes:
Ep. 8: A “Bounty of Trouble” Follows Sabine and Leia in Forces of Destiny
Ep. 6/7: Padme and Ahsoka Deal with an Imposter, Jyn Erso Helps the Innocent in Newest Forces of Destiny
Ep. 5: Forces of Destiny Pits Leia Against The “Beasts of Echo Base”
Ep: 4: Forces of Destiny Puts Ahsoka Tano on “The Padawan Path”
Ep. 2/3: “BB-8 Bandits” and “Ewok Escape” Continue the Forces of Destiny Shorts
Ep. 1: Forces of Destiny Starts on the “Sands of Jakku”

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