Forces of Destiny’s Second Season Drops First 8 Episodes

Announced only a few short days ago, the second season of Forces of Destiny has arrived, giving us 8 new micro-adventures that run the gamut of the saga. Check out all 8 episodes below, with some assorted musings of course!

While not much has changed since the first season, these episodes felt like they had stronger narratives, or at least ones that fit a little more comfortably in the 2-3 minute timeframe, though any way to expand on each of these would always be appreciated.

Quick hit thoughts on the latest batch:

  • Since the announcement, I was curious to see how involved Maz was with the plans for rescuing Han Solo in Return of the Jedi, and “Bounty Hunted” showed she helped Leia with finding her Boushh disguise. The fight let Leia stretch her skills and had a fun little assist from Maz, while getting to see Maz and Chewie hug is the second cutest thing this first half of the season. I’d love a Maz cameo in Solo: A Star Wars Story because it sure seems like they have even more of a history than hinted at in The Force Awakens.
  • How about “Unexpected Company,” hey? Ahsoka’s goodbye to Anakin in the season 5 finale of The Clone Wars revealed she had a bit of a clue about Padmé and Anakin’s relationship, and this episode not only confirms it, but now it’s clear Padmé knew that Ahsoka knew?!? I had my initial reservations about needing these three characters together, once again, and I think everyone involved with Forces of Destiny was aware of it, and decided to mess with our expectations in the best way possible.
  • Mark Hamill voicing Luke Skywalker for an animated show? What a wonderful idea! It’s almost like he’s had YEARS of experience doing voice acting…probably could come in handy if they ever set a show between RotJ and TFA, no? All kidding aside, while he did sound like an older Luke, it was truly special having Hamill on the show. And Yoda reaching up, like a little baby, for Luke to pick him up? That’s the cutest thing this first half of the season.
  • Rey’s episodes continue to paint her compassion as all encompassing, as she barely hesitates to save Teedo and forgive the rascally little porgs so quickly. No surprise she’s so willing to believe Kylo could’ve been turned.

Expect the second part of season two, a whole 8 other episodes, sometime this May, according to the always wonderful Lucasfilm Publicist Tracy Cannobbio.

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