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Functioning more like “Spirit of the Goat,” “What the Little Bird Told Him” tried to have fun with its comic-book ties and origins and mostly succeeded, all the while pushing along big mob story plot points sooner than expected and showing Gordon’s finally ready to step up his game. It’s been awhile, but I can honestly say I enjoyed this week’s Gotham.

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I probably should’ve done this more formally back when I called it quits with the show after its umpteenth break during the first season, but I won’t be reviewing this series anymore. I had been holding out hope the show would get better for the second season and the creative team behind it were saying all the right things, but the S2 premiere was just more of the same. Sure, there’s some promise for better things ahead in it so I’ll be tuning in, but this is more in regards to my own personal time constraints and my sanity. Sorry and thanks for checking out Mynock Manor for details on Gotham and I seriously hope the show hits its stride soon. We still have plenty of content on the site so browse around before heading somewhere else!

GothamThankfully instead of waiting to deal with the escaped Arkham patient in a different week, “Bird” picks up during the manhunt for Gruber after his escape in “Rogues’ Gallery.” As I stated about Christopher Heyerdahl last week, he’s always a solid character actor and he gets to have even more fun with Gruber here. From the way he gives an old friend the Bart Simpson punishment (having him writing the same sentence over and over again), how he stalks about the police station unsatisfied with the results of his electric attack, or how his chest piece steals Gordon’s gun, Gruber was an entertaining villain not seen since the Goat or Zsaz’s appearance. Seeing a comic-book-like villain on the loose again is refreshing for the series, it’s just a shame he didn’t get more to do or be free longer. But like all good villains in the Bat-verse, he might be up for escaping again one day.

GothamAnd speaking of not being long, Gordon is already back at the GCPD. I had expected him to be an Arkham guard for at least several of the backend episodes, but alas his capture of Electrocution Man as a bet with the (newly introduced) Commissioner really paid off. It was great to see Gordon stand up for what he believed in and fight for his job, and here’s hoping he follows through on his conviction as the season draws to a close, unlike how he’s been all talk and no show in the first hal. McKenzie had a lot of great work in “Bird,” growling with real feeling and having a lot of (obvious) fun doing so.

GothamThings heated up in the mob world as well, as the lives of Penguin, Maroni, Falcone, and Fish all altered in some meaningful way. Fish finally attempted to cash in on her Liza plan, who’s relationship with Falcone we’ve not really seen for awhile, but of course nothing goes as anyone expected. I was pretty surprised by Falcone being so ready to possibly give into the demands of Fish for the time being, but I knew Penguin would finally play the ace up his sleeve and “Bird” did a great job of making me think he wouldn’t get to Falcone in time. So in the end I expected Falcone to rain swift justice down on Fish, but instead he shocked me and everyone in the room when he strangled Liza to death. That’s just about the next worst punishment to death for Fish and the status quo of the mob world being shaken up should provide some fun scenarios as we tackle the last half of the season.

GothamAs for the two characters who have bothered me all season, Barbara and Nygma, one did better than the other and both weren’t so teeth grating as usual. Nygma was helpful to Gordon and Bullock, suggesting the rubber shoes, and actually came off as being a bit funny and not totally creepy with that Kringle girl, unlike the first time he flirted with her super-awkwardly back in “Spirit of the Goat.” However, I still don’t understand the point of his interactions with Kringle, considering he’s just one snap away from becoming full Riddler (much like most of the familiar characters are). Will it be scorned love that turns him full Riddler before the season is through? As a side note, who the heck was that random officer who walked in and told Nygma to beat it? The last time they introduced a new officer they killed him off, so this is guy is overdue. And for Barbara? I don’t know what to really say but she has TERRIBLE parents and well, she deserves it. Which made me happy.

GothamBut you know what makes Dr. Leslie happy? Gordon sporting Ryan Atwood-levels of wife beater. I feel their relationship, or at least their interest in each other, might be moving a little too quickly. But she did after all just hand him a doll people pass around the prison for shamans to curse, so if that’s not the best of the best first date material ever, I don’t know what is. Seriously though, it’s not entirely that big of a deal they’re already moving in this direction as it definitely helps show us Gordon’s newfound passion isn’t just about getting justice. But when Barbara and her relationship wanting drama self finds Leslie and Gordon…it makes me think of a little song called, “When Worlds Collide.”


I haven’t really been mentioning the Joker Watch because I’ve been unable to find anything relating to a reference at the moment. I had hoped Gordon at the Asylum would prove fruitful, but that part is seemingly already over so who knows. But having a Joker reference or Joker hopeful in the season finale seems like a sure thing, considering the character is supposed to be part of the show’s longer game. In the mean time, keep your eyes peeled and use the #JokerWatch on Twitter or e-mail me at

Here are a few other things:

  • After the near record breaking deal Netflix made for streaming rights to Gotham’s first season, I’m not too shocked its decent enough ratings combined with that deal has led to a renewal for a second season. Here’s hoping its second season is more consistent.
  • I just noticed both times a villain took over the police station, I thoroughly enjoyed said villain and episode. Just a shame it keeps being the police building; makes me understand why Gotham’s citizens might not look up to its police force.
  • While it was great to see Zsaz again, it’s a shame he didn’t get to do more than be a counsel to Falcone.
  • It’s interesting to note Jack Gruber was originally set up to be a new villain, but his real name is Jack Buchinsky and actually someone from the comics. As usual, the DCTV secrets might not be filled with info, but at least it’s usually got solid info.
  • We haven’t seen Bruce Wayne since the midseason finale and let me tell you, one less character to look after has been a refreshing change of pace for this show.


A Gotham focused on having fun and giving its characters some meaningful things to do makes for a great episode. It’s a shame the rest of the season hasn’t been on par, with only a handful of episodes truly helping the show standout. “What the Little Bird Told Him” is one of those standout episodes and made me happy to be watching the show again. Will the final half of the season keep up the pace or will we have to wait till season two?

+ Gruber

+ Gordon fighting for something

+ Big shake up in the mob

 Leslie and Gordon feels too quick

 Nygma’s flirting

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