Han Solo and the Title Gambit: Solo – A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Shaken by a director change up and an extended shooting schedule, the untitled young Han Solo film has been quietly gaining some good PR thanks to new director Ron Howard’s teases over social media. And now we can call it something other than untitled Han Solo, because thanks to the film wrapping production, it finally received an official and unsurprising titleSolo, which is still scheduled for May 25, 2018. Check out some of Mr. Howard’s recent photos and reveals from the set below, along with some other updates!

As underwhelming as the title Solo: A Star Wars Story is, it’s simple, safe, and easy for the general public to know what they are getting into, while any disappointment or indifference to the bland title shouldn’t matter if it turns out to be a good film (that being sage advice from the resident elder of the Manor, Elliot). And hey, they did use the working title of Red Cup aka Red SOLO cups, and this is about Han Solo, so the writing’s been on the wall forever with this title, so I don’t know why any of us (including me) were expecting anything else. In fact, I’m getting more excited for this film than I was way back at its announcement, that’s for sure.

Ron Howard took over for Phil Lord and Chris Miller back in June, whom were ousted for going a little more freestyle than Kathleen Kennedy and Lawrence Kasdan wanted. As much as I trust Lord and Miller, I inherently trust Kennedy more, so as saddening as it was to see those directors leave, I’m sure Ron Howard will be more than capable of giving us an entertaining film. In fact, he’s been dropping bits and pieces of BTS content and teases since he took over, most of which has been compiled by the official site, which has given the film some sorely needed positive PR after all the directorial business. Recently, he revealed Han’s home world, Corellia will be in the film, while Legends’ “Infinities” (i.e. doubly not canon) characters Tag & Bink would have a cameo (doubly confirmed by co-writer Jon Kasdan, who’s playing one of them). I only just read the Tag & Bink comics back in 2014 and they are an absolute riot, so consider checking those out if you can via Comixology.

I’ve not covered a lot of the news for Solo as I’ve been prioritizing reviews, other news, etc., but since my last post on the film (way back in January, sorry!), there have been some new additions (and a subtraction) from the cast so I figured it was time to cover it. Beyond Alden Ehrenreich (I’ll never spell his name right on the first try), Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, and Emilia Clarke, other confirmed cast members now include: Phoebe Waller-Bridge, rumored to be playing the first prominently featured female droid, probably in a similar motion capture suit fashion as Alan Tudyk did for K-2SO in Rogue One; Thandie Newton (Westworld), in an undisclosed Imperial role (Rae SLOANE, please!?!?); Michael Kenneth Williams was also in an undisclosed role, but he had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts over the reshoots. Paul Bettany took his place, playing a character reportedly half-human/half-animal; and Joonas Suotamo, who is taking over the mantle of Chewbacca from Peter Mayhew, wrote a note to fans about how honored he is for inheriting the role.

Also announced was Solo‘s composer: John Powell, who’s previous work includes the Bourne films and the two How to Train Your Dragon films, among others.

While we’re ramping up to The Last Jedi‘s release in December right now, expect things to shift gears shortly after (and maybe a teaser for Solo attached to TLJ), something myself (and I’m sure many other fans) will be watching closely as there’s never been an overlap like this in Star Wars film releases.

Never tell me the odds of how it’ll shake out, alright?

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