Help Create Uncle Milton’s Star Wars Science Jedi Holocron!

Jedi Holocron from Uncle MiltonUncle Milton has been making some innovative toys for Star Wars with it’s Science brand, like the Force Trainer and The Force Glove, and their next one is no exception: a Jedi Holocron. They’ve asked fans to help build it’s knowledge base by offering a chance to play the game now, so when it releases in stores it’ll be the ultimate repository of information on Star Wars. The press release and link to the game are below.

Here’s the press release:

Uncle Milton, creator of the innovative Star Wars™ Science brand of toys, is getting ready to challenge aspiring Jedi in a different way. This time, Uncle Milton will be bringing the popular artificial intelligence game of knowledge, 20Q®, into the world of Star Wars with the Jedi Holocron. Holocrons are artifacts that hold an indeterminable amount of knowledge, so what better way to bring the Holocron into our world, than with 20Q®. Even better, Star Wars™ fans can be part of the creation of this new Star Wars™ Science Jedi Holocron! Star Wars fans are encouraged to visit  and start playing the game! Think of any being, location, or technology based on all 6 Star Wars movies and TV series and 20Q® will try and guess what you’re thinking. See if you can outsmart the Jedi Holocron! The more times you play, the smarter the artificial intelligence of the Jedi Holocron will become. Look for the Star Wars Science Jedi Holocron on store shelves beginning in Fall, 2015.

The Holocron will use their 20Q artificial intelligence to answer your questions about Star Wars, but they need fan’s help to build it, so head over to play the game and help make the Holocron smarter than you could possibly imagine. My first try to stump it was me thinking of moisture vaporators, and even when it seemed like its questions were far off, it managed to guess vaporators by question 17. I did stump it with meiloorun fruit, but 20Q suggested I made a misleading answer to one of the questions, compared to other players, but it wasn’t intentional on my part. What I found most interesting is the above press release states it’s only based off things from the 6 movies and TV shows, but while playing the game it suggested things for me to think about with stuff from Legends (HK-47, Jaina Solo, Corran Horn, Voort saBinring) and even from The Force Awakens (Kylo Ren’s lightsaber), and when I thought of BB-8 it managed to guess it. Will they actually be included in the initial release of the Jedi Holocron or is it just to help the 20Q technology someway for now?

Either way, I can already tell this would be really fun to own just from playing it online, as it’s pretty addicting to try to stump it. I just hope it can be updated by connecting it to a computer or something because it’ll lack a lot of upcoming knowledge not too long after it releases once TFA comes out. Also, that would increase the longevity of the product.

Uncle Milton will have a booth at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, where you can check out the upcoming Force Trainer II and possibly win one for free! In the meantime, head over to Uncle Milton’s website to see their other Star Wars Science toys.

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