Luke and Leia Explore The Last Jedi’s Crait in Comic One-shot (UPDATED)

Crait is a new planet to be first seen on screen in The Last Jedi, though recent YA novel release Leia – Princess of Alderaan took us there first. Releasing after TLJ on December 27, Star Wars: The Last Jedi – Storms of Crait #1 will reveal Luke and Leia’s visit to the planet pre-The Empire Strikes Back. The writers will be Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, with art from Mike Mayhew (Old Ben’s Journals #15, #20). Check out the full cover from Marco Checchetto below and my thoughts on how it might tie into the film. UPDATED: You’ll find links to interviews with the Ben’s and Mayhew regarding Storms of Crait below as well!

If anything, Crait might be the spot Luke and Leia meet on screen for the first time in the sequel trilogy, as we have seen Rey there (well, it was Ridley dancing with John Boyega as Finn, but still) so it’s not impossible both Jedi will come to the Resistance’s aid there. It’s a bittersweet thought considering it will be the last time Luke and Leia will be on screen together, at least as Mark Hamill/Carrie Fischer, and this one-shot looks to give us a glimpse of their first time there. Bonus points to the one-shot if Leia mentions coming to Crait and finding Bail Organa (as seen in LPOA) and/or the events within fill in some off-handed comment in TLJ Luke/Leia make about their first time there.

Or I could be completely wrong. We’ll see!

UPDATE: 9/25: The writer Bens’ chatted with Marvel regarding Storms of Crait, teasing new characters and familiar baddies from the Star Wars mainline comic series, and talked up Mike Mayhew’s art. He’ll also be chatting with Marvel, so we’ll link to that once that goes live (as I assume it’ll include some sneak peak at some of the panels he’s working on).

UPDATE: 9/25: As predicted, Mike Mayhew’s interview with Marvel shows off some upcoming designs he has for the one-shot, including an ambiguously aligned character and a new droid that’s part pit-droid, part protocol-bodied, and all intriguing.

Storms of Crait drops December 27 and we’ll have a review here shortly after!

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