More Classic Star Wars Games Hit (Updated)

X-Wing Alliance

As originally promised, more LucasArts titles are slowly becoming available on, with the latest batch all being Star Wars games. There’s a countdown clock on the home page of GOG that includes the promise of more Lucasarts titles to come in the extremely near future. For now though, the current new batch includes Dark Forces, Knights of the Old Republic II, X-Wing Alliance, X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, Battlefront II, and Galactic Battlegrounds, with several on a discount as we speak. While some of the games include their bonus content, whether or not these games support multiplayer could be a different story.

X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, Battlefront II, and Galactic Battlegrounds all feature multiplayer components, with the X-Wing vs TIE Fighter being the one focused the most on multiplayer. From some of the reviews up already, both X-Wing vs TIE Fighter and Galactic Battlegrounds seem not to support online play, but at least one review suggests using an application called Hamachi for the flight-sim game to play online. You might not be concerned about the multiplayer for these games, but it’s something to look out for before purchasing. I know people are still finding ways to play Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II online so it won’t be long before someone finds a way to get an online community around these newly released titles.

PS4 X-WingI’ve already purchased X-Wing and TIE Fighter from the original release of LucasArts games and have found playing them with my PS4 controller to be a truly fun experience. It’s no joystick, but I feel more comfortable with it. Both Xbox 360 and One controllers also can be used and here’s a handy guide to getting a PS4 controller on your PC if you don’t want to go out and buy a joystick. Eventually I’ll have reviews up for all the Star Wars flight-sim games, so keep your eyes peeled for those when you’re not checking your six for enemy fighters.

UPDATE 1/22/15:

The countdown clock struck zero and 3 more games joined the list: the original Rogue Squadron, Empire at War: Gold Pack, and Rebellion. Another clock has started, and as of writing today, it’s just over 4 days to go for another round of LucasArts classics on!

UPDATE 1/27/15:

It looks like the final three LucasArts games to be added (for now) are: Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, Republic Commando, and Starfighter. These last three are currently 20% off as of this update, so get’em while they’re cheap.

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