Open Writing Call

Open Manor 3

Mynock Manor, being Hyperspace’s Last Stop, is a big place, but it doesn’t need to be a big lonely place. As Star Wars continues to grow and expand in this new era, there’s a lot more things out there to cover than ever before. Be it comic books, novels, TV shows, standalone films, the main saga, and video games, one person can’t cover them all.

That’s why I, Ryan Malin, head butler of the Manor, am inviting those who’d like to cover any and/or all of the above to join the ranks of the Manor. Even if I’m already covering it, a second opinion is always welcomed. So if you’ve been looking to have a place to put your thoughts, then the Manor is a place open to allow you to do so. As a bonus, all the work you’d post to the Manor will be yours to keep! Of course there will be a certain standard of writing to keep, so I hope you can dot your I’s and cross your dewbacks, and I’ll need at most one writing samples to help judge your style (it can be an old or new sample). In your e-mail, please specify what exactly it is you’d like to cover (it might help to have your writing sample is about that subject, but not necessary), what you love or like about the subject that makes you want to write about it, and include your thoughts on what your personal title should be so as to fit well with the site’s theme of being a Manor (like me being the Head Butler, you could be the Chef of Macaroni or something even more ridiculous than that).

I can’t guarantee I’ll take every offer and it won’t be paid, but everyone will get a fair chance. However, I’m only looking to take on at least 4 new writers at the moment, but the site will always be willing to add more!

Send your e-mails to

Thanks and hope to see you around the Manor soon!

Ryan is Mynock Manor’s Head Butler. You can follow him on Twitter @BrushYourTeeth. You can follow the website @MynockManor.