Out the Door Toys: A Collector’s Friend (And One I Met at SWCA 2015)

Out the Door ToysStar Wars Celebration Anaheim was a great place to make friends and meet people from all over the world, no matter their individual interests and hobbies. Thanks to layover woes, I managed to make a friend in Darren, who hails from Canada and runs Out the Door Toys, which, “Specializ(es) in picking & flipping vintage toys, video games, comic books & other collectibles.” There’s been some great Star Wars grabs on his store, but he caters to all different types of collectors with vintage Marvel comics, TMNT toys, or even band tour shirts. He also does monthly giveaways (the May one is a Age of Ultron comic and it only lasts till May 31st), so you can nab some of his special merchandise for free by simply liking and commenting on a post; Can’t really go wrong there!

I don’t know when or if he’ll ever sell it, but of particular interest to Star Wars collectors was an Intergalactic Passport Darren managed to procure at SWCA, which were used during the filming of The Empire Strikes Back to allow cast, crew, and special visitors onto the set of the film. Keep your eyes out for whatever Out the Door Toys has in store (here’s the direct link to the ebay store) because you’ll never know what he’ll find that could interest you!

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