PlayStation Exclusive TV Show Powers Gets Trailer

The NSFW trailer for the PlayStation Network exclusive show Powers has definitely garnered my attention. The gritty, realistic world with a hard-R tone looks to provide a new experience for fans of messed up, non-goody two-shoes superheroes. Plus, Sharlto Copley seems to commit 110% to each of his roles and watching him play an ex-superhero should be another blast next to his Elysium and District 9 roles. More information on the series below.

Powers also stars Susan Heyward, who plays Deena Pilgrim, a real detective brought in to teach Christian (Sharlto Copley) how to be a detective. They go about solving crimes involving “powers” i.e. superheroes. Michelle Forbes (Battlestar Galactica, Half-Life 2) plays Retro Girl, who’s character bio online basically acts like a spoiler for the series, Eddie Izzard (Ocean’s Twelve, Hannibal) as “Big Bad” Wolfe, along with Max Fowler, Adam Godley, and Olesya Rulin.

To watch the show, you have to be a member of the PlayStation Network, while you can get the show for free if you have a subscription to the PlayStation Plus program (a year membership runs $49.99). Plus members receive 6 new free games a month, access to PS4 online multiplayer (PS3’s is still free), and discounts on the PlayStation store, among other benefits. Having been a member for a few years now, it’s well worth the price, especially with the overwhelming amount of free (and often very current) games. Powers will be free for Plus members, with the first episode free to everyone with access to the PlayStation Network (pricing for the episodes if you’re not a Plus member have yet to be revealed). The show is expected to air this December.

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Powers Series Review:

Season One:   1.1 Pilot | 1.2 Like a Power | 1.3 Mickey Rooney Cries No More | 1.4 Devil in a Garbage Bag | 1.5 Paint it Black | 1.6 The Raconteur of the Funeral Circuit | 1.7 You Are Not It | 1.8 Aha Shake Heartbreak | 1.9 Level 13 | 1.10 F@#K the Big Chiller