Powers Review: “Mickey Rooney Cries No More”


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A secret project deep within the Powers prison changes things, Calista causes more trouble than I originally expected she could, and Wolfe slowly starts regenerating in one of Powers‘ best episodes yet, “Mickey Rooney Cries No More.”

PowersThe opening scene really set the tone and mood for the rest of the episode, throwing a big old load of “things are going to only get worse before they get better” on top of the proceedings. Triphammer (Andrew Sensenig) offers the latest Powers Division prisoner a deal for clemency: attack him and they’ll be freed. But, things aren’t that simple and Triphammer uses his Power Drainer to drain their powers from them (I mean, with a name like that, who would’ve thought?). It doesn’t go smoothly the first time though, leaving a splattering of Blue Magma all over the place. Having Captain Cross, the head of PD, in on it was surprising and I really enjoyed his conversation with Triphammer. It almost sounds like he’s the boss of Triphammer, which is surprising considering one of them has a hammer arm implant and the other is just a normal police chief (or is he?). But when things go well with Zerotron-X (caught in “Like a Power”) one begins to wonder how both Cross and Triphammer want to use the Drainer or if they even have the same plan for it in the long run. Too bad they don’t use it/have it ready in time by the end of the episode….more on that later.

PowersIn the mean time, Levitation Boy turns up dead and Walker’s past life as a Powers who could fly really comes in handy at the crime scene. I think I was just as impressed as Pilgrim was, considering its the best cop work Walker has done since the show started. He puts his time as Diamond to good use again when he calms down Zora after she unleashes her abilities, who eventually coughs up some intel regarding Levitation Boy’s ‘Powers wannabe’ friend and possible Sway source. The wannabe points them at Royalle’s new club, which is where several story threads converge, all centered around an unlikely character.

PowersCalista has become way more important than I ever thought she would, which is refreshing considering she’s currently a powerless character who is affecting so many powerful ones. And while it’s not clear if she actually does have the potential for Powers–nor how people would know if they can or not–but if she does, I’m afraid of what she could possibly unleash. In the meantime though, she’s doing plenty of damage already, giving our not completely grown up Powers trio of Royalle, Walker, and Retro Girl (who I believe Walker called Janis) something to fight over. Their three way battle for her affection felt like the continuation of the shows theme of how having Powers stunts the growth of a person and reminded me of something kids on a playground might do. It results with Retro Girl getting a bad rep when her anger causes her to push over an adoring fan, Walker getting frustrated that he still isn’t getting results, and leaves Royalle with someone he can confide in/have as a surrogate for his sister that he left behind.

PowersEven Krispin’s story intersects with everyone else at Royalle’s Club, where his brilliant idea to spread the word is to graffiti Chaotic Chick’s name in the men’s bathroom. Not too sure on how that’ll help, but it’s a good first try I guess. He ends the episode walking away from the club with Calista, increasing her list of people she’s going to likely affect. These two damaged non-Powers, mixed with the unknown Chaotic Chick, probably won’t mean good things are ahead for anyone, especially those with abilities. The big question is who or what Chaotic Chick actually is: could she be a Powers or is she actually what she says she is? I don’t think the answer will be anything that simple.

PowersSimons’ comment to Royalle about showing up some 36 seconds late has some big implications. Is that some agreed upon time between Royalle and Triphammer or even Triphammer and Cross, for Royalle to visit Wolfe to extract his blood to make Sway? Or is it just the best time he’s figured out, maybe through some bribes, on when to pop by so that no one is watching? Either way, Sway might not get made for much longer now that Wolfe has regained his abilities enough to break free and feast on one of the guards (special effects didn’t look so good for his feasting scene) and I doubt he’ll be happy Royalle’s been using him to make drugs instead of busting him out. Will Royalle free the pleading Wolfe?

Here are a few other things:

  • Obviously there are some better members of the PD out there because so far Walker and Pilgrim haven’t caught anybody.
  • Okay, I really want to learn what happened to Triphammer…like pronto. But I love how once he takes the armor off, he truly looks like an everyday man, not some buff superhero or anything. Great casting choice with that.
  • Hadn’t really thought/wondered about it, but Calista says she’s heard Royalle and Simons are a thing. Royalle deflects by saying Simons’ sexuality is ambiguous. I wouldn’t be surprised not every Simons feels the same way about who they’d like as partners…how does one keep track of which Simons they’re dating anyways?
  • That lawyers story about Diamond was pretty hilarious.
  • I have no idea what exactly Zora’s abilities are, and what they have to do with light, but it was certainly a strange and intriguing sight to see.
  • Retro Girl kind of has the right idea about how power really works, where it’s not just necessarily based on strength or abilities, but also by how you use your status: she has the simple yet elegant plan to shut down Royalle’s place by posting terrible reviews and once his witnesses all leave, she can return to beat him up. Too bad she tarnished herself enough where a scathing review of the club probably wouldn’t stop business anymore.
  • Hope we get to see more of Righteous Thunder’s abilities.
  • Happy we’re getting flashbacks to fill in some of the history the series so far has been hinting at.
  • How did Royalle know that he could use Wolfe’s blood to make a Powers enhancer?


“Mickey Rooney Cries No More” is the episode which will either sink or swim your interest in Powers; With what all transpires within it, I would find it hard to believe people wouldn’t keep watching, as I know I’m now certainly hooked on the PlayStation Originals’ premiere series.

+ Triphammer and Cross’ Powers ‘fix’

+ Wolfe is free/source of Sway

+ Calista’s surprise importance

 Graffiti is the best message Krispin could think to send?

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