Premiere of Star Wars Rebels Season Three Airs September 24

Wondering when you’ll get to see the repercussions of the crew’s trip to Malachor in the Star Wars Rebels season two finale, “Twilight of the Apprentice?” How the show will handle Grand Admiral Thrawn? Who or what is this new Bendu character? You’ll not have to wonder much longer, as Disney XD will be airing “Steps into Shadow,” the third season’s premiere episode, on Saturday, September 24 (7:30 p.m. CT). There’s no word on when the season proper will air afterwards, but expect an announcement closer to the S3 premiere date. In the meantime, we have some S3 coverage on the site already, as I was at Celebration Europe 2016 when they premiered “Steps” and had a revealing panel. You can read my non-spoiler and spoiler filled review of “Steps into Shadow,” where I found Thrawn to be a minor moment in an otherwise character focused hour that wasn’t without its flaws, while you can learn more about Bendu, Thrawn and his upcoming novel, Sabine’s increased role, and Wedge in my impressions of the jam packed panel.

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