Shadow of Revan Expansion for The Old Republic Coming Soon

As the teaser a few weeks back suggested, Revan is returning from a self-imposed exile. However, his return comes with a price: he’s leading an army of extremists to wipe out both the Republic and the Empire. As I mentioned in my previous post on Revan’s return, this might not sound like the Revan you crafted all those years ago, but darned if I don’t want to see this story through to the end. Below is a list of the new content and pre-order schemes for December 9nd’s Shadow of Revan expansion.

Shadow of Revan will cost you $20, includes 5 new story missions, the launch of a new game system called Disciplines, new worlds, and a level 60 cap. If you pre-order it before November 2, you’ll get 7 days early access, a Revan statue (for your in-game apartment…), the Rise of Hutt Cartel expansion, and if you’re a subscriber already there’s a 12x boost to experience when playing story missions only. If you pre-order after that up until December 1st, you’ll at least get the Revan statue (please contain your excitement) and the Hutt Cartel expansion.

Seeing how Revan’s been around for over 300 years, good luck trying to beat him.

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