Star Wars Battlefront Fighter Squadron and Blast Modes Detailed, Trailer

Fighter Squadron

Two new modes have been revealed for the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront, joining the several already announced, and they are Blast and Fighter Squadron, the latter of which finally has me truly excited for this revival (besides just the gorgeous graphics). I’m so excited I’ll likely end up playing Fighter Squadron so much you’ll either be lucky to see me flying your wing or be deathly afraid of me as I get you in my sights. Probably. Hopefully.

After the above trailer aired early this morning, I completely forgot about this game not including space combat; While that’s still a bummer, this mode completely makes up for itFighter Squadron, as seen in the trailer, isn’t just a pure dogfighting engagement, but it actually includes an objective: hunt down and destroy the enemy’s transport ship. I’ll probably forget about it from time to time, due to being busy having vendettas in the sky, staring at the stunning dogfighting display thanks to spectacular graphics never before seen in a Star Wars game, or trying not to die as some expert player/pilot nicknamed BaronFel181 attempts to scatter my ship’s parts all over the landscape below. And much like in the previous Battlefront installments, Hero/Villain vehicles can enter the fray, with the video showing off at least the Millennium Falcon and Slave 1, with more to come (Watching the Falcon enter the fray was almost as beautiful as seeing it again in the first The Force Awakens trailer). This mode has single-handedly solidified my interest in Battlefront, as I’m not a big multiplayer gamer by trade and what we’ve seen so far was mostly just thrilling to me from a graphics perspective, but all of that got shoved under a tauntaun when the skies opened up in Fighter Squadron. And in the end, my trepidation matters not as long as it’s fun to play as there’s a real difference from having an opinion on a game which you’ve only seen versus one you’ve actually played; thankfully, so far at least, I haven’t seen anything from Battlefront that would make me think it wouldn’t be fun.

Blast ModeThe second mode, “Blast,” isn’t as exciting, but certainly it sounds like a more frantic but focused team deathmatch variant over the larger scale war modes we’ve seen. The team has made completely unique versions of each map to fit this game mode, where two teams of 10 wage war for 10 minutes…or until one team reaches 100 kills first. If you want a smaller scale war compared to the Walker Assault mode shown off at E3 2015 this year, this will be your go-to mode I would believe.

DICE’s Battlefront drops November 17 and I for one can’t wait to take to the skies. In the mean time, want some sweet hi-res wallpapers of Fighter Squadron mode? EA Star Wars’ site has a few good shots here.

(All photos in the article are courtesy of EA)

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