Star Wars: Battlefront’s Launch Trailer is Impressive Highlight Reel

Battlefront’s launch trailer captures the one aspect of the game I thoroughly enjoyed in its open beta: it feels, in looks, sounds, and scope, like Star Wars should in video game form. The folks at DICE saved the best for last, laying on the cinematic quality of the game’s graphics in a truly impressive compilation of footage from the upcoming game. Details on the new Heroes and Villains, plus some thoughts (see: hopes) about the DLC plan below.

As seen in the trailer above, Leia, Han, and Emperor Palpatine join the roster of playable Hero and Villain characters. Leia can throw up a Squad Shield only she can shoot out of while also dropping in supplies to the rebels; Han was given a dash ability inspired by the character charging after the stormtroopers aboard the Death Star; and ol’ Sheev is deceptive in his movements, can give out resources to troops, and packs his signature Force lightning punch. I don’t doubt we can expect new Hero and Villains as part of DLC and hopefully we don’t have to pay for packs of new characters.

Speaking of DLC, there still hasn’t been any footage out of the Battle of Jakku pack to be released December 8 (1st if you pre-order). That’ll likely changed after Battlefront’s launch on November 17, but its content might set the stage for the 4 expansion to come in the pricey $50 season pass. In terms of DLC I would actually like to see: new Heroes and Villains from The Force Awakens either on the film’s release or sometime soon after, with ideal characters being Rey (or Finn) and Kylo Ren (or Captain Phasma). Either way, the lack of details surrounding the content of the season pass certainly has me playing the waiting game on whether I’ll actually pick it up at all. As for the rest of you, that decision will likely depend on how much time you plan on spending playing Battlefront and how beefy the content included happens to be.

How about that Boba Fett joke in the trailer? And for everyone who complained about Return of the Jedi-era Luke fighting on Hoth, the trailer gives us Leia in Hoth gear on Tatooine. Time to just deal with it folks.

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