Star Wars: Dark Disciple – Cover Art

Dark Disciple

Dark Disciple, the title for the upcoming Asajj Ventress novel co-starrring Quinlan Vos just got a cover (from artist Matt Taylor). There’s not much we know about it at this point besides from it being based off unaired season seven scripts from The Clone Wars, Asajj and Dooku cross paths, and Asajj has her hair growing back. But having evolved into one of the more interesting characters in TCW, it’s nice to finally see her wide-open ending in the show continued in some form or another. And for fans of Vos, we’ll maybe get to see how much of his EU/Legends background they pull into canon. The book, written by Christie Golden (who’s involvement I spoke about already) will be hitting shelves July 7th, 2015, following after both Heir to the Jedi, Lords of the Sith, and the first of Marvel’s new comics.

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