Star Wars Ep.VIII Titled The Last Jedi

Whether or not this is the same title director and writer Rian Johnson has had in his head since he started working on the film, Ep.VIII: The Last Jedi has a nice ring to it. In fact, it sounds like a continuation of sentence started with the last Skywalker Saga film’s title: The Force awakens the last Jedi (I mentioned it on Twitter and there’s been some funny responses). It would be neat if Ep.IX’s title finishes the sentence, but since it’ll be a long time before we get that title, let’s just enjoy The Last Jedi for now. Expect a lot more information and the first (technically second if you count the video from early 2016) footage at this year’s Celebration Orlando in April as we ramp up to The Last Jedi’s release come December 15, 2017.

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