Star Wars New York Comic Con 2014 Plans

NYCC 2014

New York Comic Con 2014 takes place from October 9-12 and will be packed with almost as much goodies as SDCC. Revealed so far on the mobile app, there’ll be a panel for Marvel’s Netflix-exclusive Daredevil (including the full cast), a look at the shrouded-in-much-secrecy Tomorrowland from Disney, and Constantine and Gotham panels to say the least. On top of those, Star Wars is guaranteed to have its presence felt in at least three panels.

The first of which is a Star Wars Rebels (October 11, 5:45PM) focused panel, with the show’s one hour premiere having already aired a week before on the 3rd. The panel will give fans a look behind the scenes at the voice recording sessions for show, as well as tease upcoming content. With some the Wookiees out of the wroshry tree at this point, could we get our first look at major original trilogy characters who might drop in on Rebels here and there?

The second panel is titled A New Dawn (October 11, 3:15PM), covering the novels and looking at the upcoming slate of titles (SDCC had a similar panel). With an Asajj Ventress novel being announced at SDCC’s A New Dawn panel, can we expect another new novel announcement at NYCC’s version? If we do, whatever book that would be announced will release after the Ventress novel, which is currently slated for July 7th, 2015, placing it within the 5-month lead up to Ep. VII. I’d predict such a novel would be our first look at the new post-Return of the Jedi canon, seeing as at least a trailer and title will be dropped by then at April 2015’s Celebration VII. If they do announce a novel taking place post-RotJ at NYCC, any description will be vague as possible and it’d be no doubt any author chosen would spark debate amongst fans. Unless it’s Timothy Zahn. Or Matthew Stover.

On the flip side, it’s completely possible that a novel announcement at NYCC will have nothing to do with the post-RotJ world, leaving the film to unveil the brave new direction first. This option I find to be more viable, considering the extremely top secret nature of the sequel trilogy (minus drones, of course) as it seemingly launches the new era of the franchise. Either way, I’ll be happy with another novel announcement.

UPDATE: While I originally assumed the Cup O’ Joe panel would reveal Star Wars comics like SDCC, it turns out Marvel: Axel-in Charge (October 12, 12:45) is where the comic news will for sure hit. UPDATE 2: News did drop at the Cup O’ Joe about a Kanan comic. More details here.

The final point I want to make, which doesn’t account for much but take it as you will: Lucasfilm specifically stated pre-SDCC that they’d not be showing up. So far, they haven’t made that gesture with NYCC. But with filming underway at the moment, it’d be really surprising if anything other than the possible aforementioned post-RotJ novel would be revealed. But you never know…

(You can check out the full panel descriptions at before NYCC’s official site updates. If you’re not checking out their site, you’re definitely missing out on some great coverage of all things Ep. VII)

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