Star Wars Rebels Review: “Idiot’s Array”

Star Wars Rebels Idiot's Array

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While everyone might remember “Idiot’s Array” as the one where Lando Calrissian, a puffer-fish-like pig, and the creepy Azmorigan nearly ruin the lives of the Ghost’s crew, it should be remembered more for being one of Hera’s strongest episodes yet.

Star Wars Rebels Idiot's Array

Playing Sabacc against Lando is always a bad plan (unless you’re Han Solo) so it’s no surprise when Zeb thought he couldn’t lose with a hand of Sabacc, Lando would have the only hand that could beat it: the Idiot’s Array. Both Kanan and Zeb make this oversight, even though Chopper is insistent they’ll lose, especially after they bet him as collateral since they were out of credits. Chopper’s animation here, and the way he expresses himself with his arms, was hilarious and helps build up the already memorable personality of the grumpy droid.

But Lando wasn’t really after Chopper, instead making a deal with Kanan to use the Ghost to smuggle cargo back to Lothal past the Imperial blockade now up over the planet. But this is Lando we’re talking about and not everything is as it seems, as his plans gets more convoluted and dangerous by the minute. Sure, it’s kind of noticeable that Billy Dee Williams is now trying to voice a younger version of a character than the one he played 30 or so years ago, but it’s Billy Dee Williams so you can’t really go wrong. Lando is as smooth as ever here, charming his way around the Ghost with obvious ulterior motives and hatching a plan that mostly keeps you guessing till the end. His ‘appreciation’ of Sabine’s work was funny, but also a little forward considering their age differences. That being said, we learned a little more about Sabine and her artwork in that scene.

Star Wars Rebels Idiot's ArrayAnd as much of a standout Lando is in “Idiot’s Array,” it’s really Hera who wins and owns this episode. Her leadership capabilities and ability to think on her feet no matter the situation are on full display here, plus it’s obvious the Ghost’s crew have issues when she’s not at the helm. From her escape from Azmorigan’s ship with just a food tray and an escape pod, to how she can unite the crew despite Lando’s best efforts, Hera’s importance to the life of Ghost‘s crew is definitely felt here. Plus, she’s not falling for any of Lando’s charms and that’s really hard to do.

But let’s not forget Chopper this week, since when he’s not pulling pranks on the crew during downtime, he’s actually helping and playing a con of his own for the crew’s benefit. And while Chopper doesn’t steal this episode from Hera, he steals a fuel canister from Lando and gives Zeb the diversion he needed to help win the shootout with the Azmorigan and his crew at the end of the episode, proving his verifiable value to the team.

Star Wars Rebels Idiot's Array

Here are a few other things:

  • It’s a bit of a shock that the Empire didn’t have a blockade up earlier due to all the Ghost crews’ rebellious activity, especially considering they obviously operate mainly off Lothal and have Jedi amongst them, both being enemy number 1 and 2 on the Empire’s list. And while it’s nice the Imperials finally got their act together, it’s confusing they’d only send a couple TIEs after the Ghost and didn’t pursue with more force or aggression. Are they under some type of order to harry the Ghost for the time being, hoping they’ll lead the Empire back to the larger rebellious movement? Or was it just Imperial incompetence at display here?
  • Azmorigan’s ship was briefly seen flying overhead of our heroes at the beginning of “Empire Day.” I remember thinking it looked cool and wondered if we’d ever see it again.
  • James Hong was previously in The Clone Wars, playing the hilarious Edente in the “Crystal Crisis” storyboard episodes where his character even managed to squeeze in a Jerry Maguire reference. While the Azmorigan wasn’t as funny as Edente, both were equally goofy, new species, and mostly competent villains.
  • Those afraid Sabacc would be ruined…fear not! Now let’s just hope for a version of the game somewhere in the very near future. In fact, it might be sooner than you think and even on your mobile device.

Star Wars Rebels Idiot's Array

Star Wars Rebels took a break from all the serious family and Jedi business of the past few weeks to have a lot of fun with Lando Calrissian; Plus Hera and Chopper proved just how valuable their individual talents really are, while everyone else gets a nice dosage of humble-sauce after Lando’s got the best of them. “Idiot’s Array” is one of the top entries so far in the character focused episodes scattered through this first season of Rebels.

+ Billy Dee Williams as Lando

+ Hera’s many standout moments

+ Fun plot

 Imperial incompetence

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